The MacReviewCast #90

Welcome to episode 90 of the MacReviewCast, I want to thank you for downloading and listening to the podcast. We have a lot of great folks on today’s episode with their reviews and comments on software, hardware and websites that make using the Mac special. Plus I’ll have the top freeware Mac MenuBar apps and much more.

In case you’re not able to download the podcast through iTunes or your Podcatcher, here is a link to a third party website to grab Podcast 90:

Here is the freeware and shareware I look at during the podcast:
Page Packer:
Smashing Magazine:

This week we are talking to our friend from Spain, Chris Marshall. here is what he talked about:
iPhone and Keynote impressions:
DayChaser: Surfbits Review
Dual Screen Project:
Mic stuff:

Trent Armstrong from the website joins us today. Here is what he looks at,
Tune Center:

Robert Pritchett from the joins us today. Here is what we discuss
I Love My Mac Gift Away:
Apple Trademarks:
Knowledge Navigator:
MYOB AccountEdge 2007 Business Management and Accounting:

Jeff Powell is Ill and cannot join us today.

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1 thought on “The MacReviewCast #90

  1. MyAppleStuff Post author

    My Notes:

    Apple: iPhone and Keynote impressions ( Although the iPhone seems technically excellent I am not at all interested in it. I think they will bring out a range of iPhones in the future as the newly renamed Apple Inc. would indicate more of a consumer direction AND how many cell phone companies do you know that only have one product? The PDA features are just not necessary in my lifestyle and the form factor doesn’t do it for me at all. Truth be told I got very bored with the iPhone presentation, talk about over sell, and the whole event left me a little “so what” ish. Sure a huge directional change for Apple so very significant, but generally I felt very flat. Nothing announced that will be on my shopping list.
    Review: DayChaser ( A perfectly pleasant application that I just can’t really see the point of!
    MyBlog: Dual Screen Project ( The Mac min will not recognise an analogue and a digital signal at the same time! I think they will need to address this and/or add dual screen capabilities if they want to use it as a the hub of a home media centre.
    Project: I have ordered all my Mic stuff ( so I am pretty excited about that. Will be a couple of weeks before it is all here and set up, and I still need to wrk out where I am going to put it all, but I love organising my study so that will be fun!

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