The MacReviewCast Episode 100!

Welcome to episode 100 of the MacReviewCast, I want to thank you for downloading and listening to the podcast. We have a lot of great folks on today’s episode with their reviews and comments on software, hardware and websites that make using the Mac special. Plus I’ll have the top freeware Mac apps of the week and much more.

Here is the freeware, shareware and guest interview we have this week:
Dr. Michael Cohen: Sand Hill Consulting Associates discusses your eyesight and computers and OSX.
iSight Expert:
Allison Sheridan: The Nosillacast Podcast

This week we are talking to our friend from Spain, Chris Marshall. here is what he talked about:
Review of Epson 3000:
Wingnut Article on Podcasts:

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3 thoughts on “The MacReviewCast Episode 100!

  1. MyAppleStuff Post author

    My Blog – I really have to thank Mac for an excellent review of the Epson P3000 ( which really made we want one, and Wingnut for sharing his favourite podcasts with us ( My biggest dilemma of the week is how best to clean my wireless keyboard – can I really stick it in the dishwasher? (

    My Projects – For the first time in ages I haven’t really had time to take any photographs of play around with the Audio kit. I have been busy finishing off the first draft of the consultancy report I am writing, getting the Apartment ready for summer and setting up a blog for our friends restaurant. Actually I did take some photographs last Saturday of their restaurant. Was very different taking pictures for someone else that was paying you:

    – it is totally different knowing the pictures are for someone else and not for you
    – it is very different showing the pictures to someone who has to decide if they like them, rather than have some saying ‘very nice’ to your holiday snaps
    – I took way more shots of each picture in an attempt to get something ‘different’
    – the restaurant looked totally different through the eyes of a photographer than as a customer
    – it took ‘nerve’ to stand there taking pictures of a table of strangers eating

    Apple – So they actually shipped something this year then!!! The AppleTV has had mixed reviews and I can happily say that I am not at all interested in one still. Leopard looks like it may not even be out until October. I am starting to think what I would actually do with iLife 07? I went through a mental exercise of “what if I didn’t have iLife 06” and love it as I do, my life really wouldn’t change that much.

    Reviews – It has been a quite week but I am working on a lot of things so the next couple of weeks should be pretty busy.

    And finally – Twitter, what you think of it?

  2. Wayne LeFevre

    Chris, I’ve been thinking about Twitter. Then, I think what it would look at.

    6:30 am. Good Morning. Getting the kids and wife ready for school!

    7:30 am. OK. They are gone. I need one more cup of copy then we are off to the races!

    8:00 am. At computer. Going to go through RSS feeds, then work on a review.

    10:15 am. Finished with going through everything on NetNewsWire. Going to listen to a couple of daily podcasts while cleaning up and getting a bite to eat.

    11:30 am. Back to the computer. Going to start review when NetNewsWire refreshed. Will go through that really quick.

    12:30 pm. Grab some lunch.

    1:00 pm. OK. Got to start this review! Wonder what is on woot today? Oh yah, what deal are they giving on MacUpdate, and are there any updates to my apps? What’s Chris got to say today?

    2:00 pm. Darn it! Kids are going to get out of school in a half hour and I haven’t gotten anything done. Off to do some housework.

    4:00 pm. Well, day wasted now. I promise I’ll do that review tomorrow. Going to help Kristine with something.

    6:00 pm. Checking e-mail before off to eat!

    8:00 pm. Checking e-mail before I catch a couple shows on TV

    10:30 pm. Off to read awhile and then to bed.


    6:30 am. Good Morning. Getting the kids and wife ready for school…

    Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Cut, Paste, Repeat.

  3. MyAppleStuff Post author

    A “cup of copy” eh, that would be just before you do a “coffee and paste” would it??

    I love Twitter, I think it has some great potential IF it doesn’tget ruined by the “in gang” who are using it more and more as a IM tool. Right or wrong my policy is to add anyone that adds me as a friend, that way I get to know more about more people, not just more about th same people. I guess I am saying their seems to be a bit of a clique starting up?

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