The MacReviewCast Episode 103

Welcome to episode 103 of the MacReviewCast, I want to thank you for downloading and listening to the podcast. We have a lot of great folks on today’s episode with their reviews and comments on software, hardware and websites that make using the Mac special. Plus I’ll have the top freeware Mac apps of the week and much more.

Here is the freeware and shareware I look at during the podcast:
SignatureProfiler for Mail:
TinyURL for Mac:
We welcome our special guest:
Allison Sheridan: NosillaCast Podcast: UberCaster

This week we are talking to our friend from Spain, Chris Marshall. here is what he talked about:
Black Ink:

Trent Armstrong from the website is unable to join us.

Robert Pritchett from the joins us today. Here is what we talk about
Illuminated Flexible Rollup Keyboard:
The GoldTouch Ergonomic Keyboard from Key Ovation:
Evoluent – VerticalMouse 2 and 3:

Jeff Powell joins us today. Here is what he discusses

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2 thoughts on “The MacReviewCast Episode 103

  1. Chris Marshall Post author

    Apple – Two words “Corporate Fatigue” iPhone NOT 11th June but by the end of June IF we take engineers off Leopard and slip that date we may JUST squeeze the iPhone into our “by June” statement. iLife 07, forget it best you will get is iLife 07 + 6 months – which sucks!!!! So given that can we get remotely excited about the rumored Wi-Fi iPOd in second half of the year? Nope!! All we have seen so far this year is the AppleTV, and that really doesn’t do anything that wasn’t already around in terms of sharing your digital media.

    Reviews – TextExpander excellent, create snippets and away you go; and Crossword Puzzle Solver – fun but just not the same as doing a crossword the traditional way.

    Blog – I have had ‘fun’ rationalizing my RSS feeds, which in turn has led to the need to revisit my workflow and processes. The key message to me was a reminder to focus on what works for you and what you need – not what the technology will allow. Vox, DIGG and blog comments are the examples of this.

    Projects – Spent a lot of time creating and editing the wedding video of neighbours son. Nightmare in that the 7GB of Raw Video needed to be imported from the Sony Camcorder into Capty MPEG Edit on the PowerBook as the only way of getting it onto a Mac (doesn’t work on an intel Mac). Then had to covert it to MPEG4 so that I could then import it as a 22GB file into iMovie. This gave me a 100 mins of footage, of which about 30 minutes was in focus and of any real use!!! Thank god for Disco for BackUp of Raw Data, the PowerBook, Mac mini, ethernet network and iMovie and iDVD.

  2. Wayne LeFevre

    Good cast, as always, but was terribly disappointed in Allison Sheridan’s review of Ãœbercaster. It was obvious that she based her review on a 15 minute look at the product, didn’t bother to look at any screencasts or documentation, and just didn’t understand or try to use any of the podcasting features. When I do reviews, at least I try and look at everything, even if I don’t understand it.

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