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Since 2011 we have been transporting pet cats and dogs across Europe with a monthly pet transport between Spain, Germany and the UK. In addition we offer regular pet transports across Europe and within Spain.

We have two vans, a 2012 Vauxhall Movana and a 2011 Nissan NV200 both with a DEFRA Animal Welfare Certificate (Vauxhall: 10619 & Nissan: 10603) for the transportation of live animals across Europe on journeys in excess of 24 hours.

The certificates mean the Vans have met the stringent requirements of DEFRA which in brief means that the vans have air conditioning, a grill separating the drivers from the animals (which allows air to flow through), the means of monitoring and adjusting the temperature in the rear of the van, independent lighting in the rear in the van, a washable floor in the van, approved cages and transport boxes for the cats and dogs, and the means to secure the cages and transport boxes throughout the journey.

In addition we have the means to water the cats and dogs in transit without having to open their cages or transport boxes, if required. We travel with a Sat Nav and a back up system and a Spanish and UK mobile phone. We provided live tracking of our journey and regular updates through our password protected Transport Page which we set up for each individual transport.

The vans each have a cool box which can be used as necessary for any medication that needs to be carried.

We carry a full first aid kit for animals, surgical gloves, tie wraps, dog ‘poo’ bags, wet wipes and kitchen roll, along with headache tablets etc for ourselves!

The configuration of cages changes depending on the destination and number of animals being transported. The Nissan typically has 2 Extra Large Cages, 2 Large Cages and 2 Medium Cages and is capable of taking 10-16 dogs of Medium, Small and Puppy sizes.

The Vauxhall typically has 7 Extra Large Cages, 3 Large Cages and 5 Flight Boxes and is capable of taking 15 dogs to the UK of varying sizes in their own cage.

We change the configuration of cages depending on the profile of dogs booked on each transport so please be accurate and honest when submitting your dogs size.

A number of local vets, the Andalucian Official Vet, the Trading Standards in the UK and the pet passport in Calais have all confirmed that the van is capable of transporting 20-25 dogs, depending on their size, along with the cats on their own shelf above the dog cages.

The Large Van

The Small Van

The License

We have a Type 2 Animal Transporter Authorisation (UK/STAFF/T2/00081793) valid until 2017 issued by the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency which allows us to transport the cats and dogs by road throughout Europe on journeys exceeding 8 hours.

The Services

We provide the following transportation services for your pet cats and dogs.

Scheduled PETS Travel Scheme and TRACES

We run a monthly scheduled transport service to Europe and the UK for animals been transported under the PETS Scheme and the TRACES System. Typically this will be for 10 animals under the PETS Scheme and 15 dogs under TRACES, plus the re-homed cats under TRACES


We run a number of regular and one off charters on an ongoing basis. With a charter you are booking the van and drivers. You are responsible for booking the dogs and all the paperwork.

You can see the schedule on the Transport Schedule and Availability Page.

Boxes and Cages

Cat Boxes

The cat boxes MUST be approved in advance, so if you have any doubts please check this page for the dimensions that we can accept, and the water bowl MUST be fitted securely INSIDE the box (please use tie wraps to secure) but empty, and the cat should not have been fed since 6pm the night before.

Please note though that boxes MUST NOT be any bigger than those on this page. However tempting it is to sneak in a bigger box this causes us real problems as we have an optimum layout that we must achieve if we are going to cover the costs of the transport, and if we can’t load your box because it is too big then we will have no option other than to leave the box and the cat with you BUT we will still require you to pay your contribution as we can’t afford to provide the transports if they aren’t full, and your space could have been taken by someone else and it is unfair on all the other cats and dogs and owners if we cancel because you couldn’t be bothered to sort out the right size box!

TIP don’t put a blanket or bedding into the cat box when you are transporting it to the drop off location. If it going to go to the toilet far better it does it in an empty box that you can easily clean out before handing the cat over to us. Put the bedding into the box once you are at the pick up location.

After we have secured all the cats we will fill up their water bowls as part of our final check before setting off.

We check the water levels continually throughout he journey.

Dog Cages

We use three sizes of cage depending on the size and number of dogs traveling: 109x69x75cm, 89x60x66cm and 78x55x60cm. These are classified as Extra Large, Large and Medium. By way of guidance we are to able to get two Large dogs in an Extra Large Cage, 4 Medium dogs in and Extra Large Cage (2 Medium dogs in a Large Cage) and 6-8 Puppies and Small dogs in a Extra Large Cage (4-6 Puppies and Small dogs in a Large Cage). Of course this depends on the size of the dogs which is why it is important that you are accurate when booking your dog a place. We NEVER overcrowd the dogs and always ensure that they have water in the cages and enough space to move around and lie down. It is the responsibility of the person booking the transport to be comfortable with the size of the cages as only you know the exact size of the dog. If when we collect the dog it is in our opinion too large for the designated cage we reserve the right to not take the dog or to charge extra if space allows.

We took advice from a number of vets who recommended that dogs prefer to travel in company so we always try and have at least two to a cage, size allowing! The reason for this is that dogs are less stressed when they have company and so long as they can stand up and stretch to change positions while actually traveling they are more comfortable snuggled up. We ensure the dogs are introduced to each other before hand if they haven’t met before the transport, and we carry a couple of extra cages in case dogs need moving during a transport.

To date the vets advice has been spot on. Only issue we have had is with dogs traveling on their own wanting to go in cages with other dogs!

With the Large Van we are able to open the cage doors to access the dogs with the van doors CLOSED which we do if we are in any doubt about a dogs tendency to try and bolt!

We DO NOT put blankets or bedding into the cages at the beginning of the journey. Experience tells us that this is when a dog is most likely to be sick or go to the toilet (especially if they have been fed prior to travel) so we always leave it a couple of hours to let the dogs settle, and then give them their blankets. You are more than welcome to provide favourite bedding etc. We have plenty of space to take it with us. We do this for the well being of the dogs: last thing they want is to start their journey on a soiled blanket!

In our view it is far more hygienic to be able to clean and disinfect the metal trays in the cages, pre, post and during a transport (we carry disinfectant on all transports) that it is to keep bedding clean or regularly change bedding.

The Journey

We drive in three hour shifts, stopping every three hours to check the cats and dogs and fill up their water, top up the Van with fuel, and take on some food and drink ourselves, as well as take a short break to stretch and get some circulation going through the body (achieved by walking the dogs)!

We drive straight through with a number of short breaks to rest.

We will provide regular progress updates and if we have time photographs on the password protected transport page. We set up this page for each unique transport and only provide the password to those involved with the transport. The page has a useful checklist to ensure you prepare your animal properly, a live tracking map so you can follow the journey in real time, the schedule and contact details etc.

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