The ultimate bag for your laptop and other gadgets?


When I wrote about the excellent LArobe Island Collection case from Be.ez’s I confessed to my addiction to bags, and the ongoing search I have for the ultimate bag.

Of course this is a search that will never be fulfilled, partly because that would take all the fun out of the task, but mainly because my own personal needs (and attitude) vary so frequently.

With my current lifestyle I really have no need for the ‘killer’ computer bag that will carry a Notebook, charger, spare battery, folders, files, phone, PDA etc etc. I used to have that requirement when I travelled a lot through work, and at that time I had a very dull looking, but functional, business type computer bag. These days I just need a bag that will carry my Notebook and maybe a pad and pen for some notes, but at the same time it has to ‘double’ up as a camera case (as I never leave home without a camera) and a ‘man bag’ for my keys, cell phone, money etc.

As such I was interested to take a look at the LEvertigo Prune ($69.99) as it looked like it could combine the functionality that I required, with the size that I would be happy with, and a style I would be comfortable with.

Design wise it is very good. I particularly like the rugged clasps, and the sturdy strap, which not only gives a lot of confidence but also gives a good range of lengths. Being 6ft 4″ I often find that the straps on bags don’t extend far enough, but this one does. At the same time when I need the bag to be secure against my body, for example when on the Harley, it tightens up and secures very well.

Externally the nylon, waterproof material appears long lasting and mark resistant, which is good as the bag looks very ‘trendy’ so the last thing you want are wear and tear marks appearing.

Internally the ‘velvety’ type material is very soft to the touch and gives a reassuring feeling of protection and care for your items. Rather than any type of zip or clasp the bag fastens with one velcro ‘pad’ which is a lot more secure than it originally appears but I am not sure how secure the bag would be on a commute on the subway for example.

Finally the vertical position of the bag is perfect for me, as it allows it to double up as a general bag when not in ‘Mac mode’.

I can comfortably fit the Mac Book, cell phone, Note pad, pens, Wallet, and keys. It becomes a bit tight and ‘lumpy’ when I add the Nikon D80, but at a push I can manage then all. There are no external pockets or areas to carry water, iPod etc so I imagine it will have a limited appeal to your ‘road warrior’, but for someone that wants a bit of style, doesn’t need to keep all their ‘stuff’ in one place all the time, and wants a computer bag with some added flexibility this is a very god bag indeed.


Nicolas Cottard, CEO, Be-ez, commented: “Here at Be-ez we are dedicated to producing the most fashionable yet intelligent protection for mobile devices. We offer the best available material and design that people on the move will really appreciate. Featuring a cross-shoulder carrying style, Be-ez LEvertigo clings snugly to your body while maintaining its vertical status throughout your journey. With this unique vertical design, you can carry your notebook and favourite accessories on the go without being weighed down. The LEvertigo range are superbly vertical styled bags which offer a protective, resistant, functional choice of a mobile home for any of your gadgets�.

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10 thoughts on “The ultimate bag for your laptop and other gadgets?

  1. Dunks

    Looks very cool – unusual design! I am also on the search for the ultimate bag. Currently use a Crumpler Very Busy Man which is large and full of useful pockets. However I have found two issues for me:
    1. The slightly rounded design causes loose items to ‘settle’ in the middle of the bag and causes issues with files/folders.
    2. The lack of handles – only having a shoulder strap (its a courier style bag) has become an issue.
    I need a lot of storage for flat documents and enough room for external drives, leads and presentation gizmos eg: remote presenter gadget etc.

    I have recently see the following Musto Navigators Case in my local sailing shop which looks like a potential candidate. The fact it is made from Sailcloth makes it look unusual, bombproof and very waterproof. Am heading down with my 17″ Powerbook to see if it fits ok. If I purchase I’ll post up a review!

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    The internal pockets on this bag are ‘layered’ so one large ons is at the bottom, and three smaller ones across the middle so things don’t settle at the bottom.

    It does only have one the one shoulder strap.

    The “musto’ looks cool – but is a far more ‘serious users’ case than I would have any need for.

    Would be great to see your thoughts though if you get it – thanks

  3. Wayne LeFevre

    I don’t remember the one you showed me looking so purple! Anyway, Not sure if I can trust any bag, especially a “murse” or “man–bag” with the word “Prune” in it. 🙂

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    Well the Prune colour does grow on you but not sure I would go with it if was using it all day. It does stand out though.

    Those bags look cool. I have an Oakley back pack with a pocket for the iPod and a hole for the speakers. Never use it as every time I try and take the pack off in a hurry I end up getting tangled up in the wire, and it is too hard to control the iPod when it is packed away.

    Need some kind of remote to make it work.

  5. Erik Mallinson

    I just purchased the same bag. I think my needs are the same as yours, I keep a pretty minimal inventory – notepad, keys, cards, pen, pencil, laptop, camera.

  6. Chris Marshall Post author

    Excellent. I will strapping mine on and jumping on the Harley later this morning as I have a gig I need to take the Mac Book to 🙂

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