TheMacPak is Coming in May

TheMacPak is the latest initiative from Mark Howson, one of our contributors and the man behind MacAppADay, the highly popular and visible Mac application give away last December.

Scheduled to commence on May 1st, TheMacPak will retail at $30 for TEN great Mac applications. The ‘twist’ is that as new applications are announced, the price will increase, so it pays to get in early.

Word on the street is that FIVE i.e. half, the applications have an estimated value of $169.38 and none of these applications have a score lower than 4.5/5 on MacUpdate. The highest ranking application has a score of 95 on iUseThis.

They even have a promotional jingle. As soon as I have any more information, including details on discount for MyAppleStuff readers I will let you know.

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13 thoughts on “TheMacPak is Coming in May

  1. Will It Work

    According to the jingle you have to listen to the podcast in order to get the address. Clever. Increase exposiure, and limit the initial buying glut.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Well it can be any podcast that takes up the opportunity to promote the initiative.

    The audio clip in the post is the ‘template’ one to give you a liitle teaser and let you know what to look out for.

    I think it is fair to assume that the MacReviewCast will be involved 🙂

  3. Andre

    Methinks this is going to flop as bad as MAAD. I’ll be staying away from this one…

  4. Mark Howson

    Does that mean only 95 people use it on iUseThis???

    One of the apps has a 95 iUseThis rating, even though the developer does not publicise the app that much on iUseThis, or publicise iUseThis on his site

    Methinks this is going to flop as bad as MAAD. I’ll be staying away from this one…

    Methinks it isn’t, but methinks you make your own choices 🙂

  5. Chris Marshall Post author

    I don’t think I realy understand how they work out the rating on iUseThis? Anyone cast some light on it for me?

  6. sYntiq

    The “Rating” on iusethis is in fact the number of users who use the app. To be more exact: Its the number of iusethis-registered users who use the app.

    As a registered User you can click on “i use this” at every application you use. Your “using” will be counted and added to the displayed number of total users who use this software.

    So: 95 is pretty low if you notice that the top used apps have a use-count of 3000-5000.

    The 95-App should be somewhere on page 35 of iusethis most used apps.

  7. Chris Marshall Post author

    Great – thanks for that 🙂

    On the basis that getting written feedback is really hard – look at the low level of reviews on books on Amazon, the average level of comment on Flickr or a blog for example, 95 people ‘bothering’ to vote/say something is pretty good – 3,000+ is exceptional!!!

    Again, thanks for educating me

  8. Maxwell

    While it is true that getting 95 written comments would be impressive, the 95 rating is just the number of folks who clicked a button. The ratio of written opinions to votes on iusethis is pretty low, typically well under 5%. Growl, for example, has 3100 votes but only 29 written opinions, under 1%.

    I looked at the apps with 95-100 votes (figuring a few more folks might have voted in the last month) and the only ones that were not free, not betaware, and not commerical were:

    WindowShade ($10)
    USBOverdrive ($20)

    Neither one is a big woop for me. I’d call them utilities, not applications. Hope these are not typical of the offerings.

    Now, if some of the apps are commercial and genuinely useful, I could get excited. Sound Studio 3, for example. which got 98 votes.

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