Thinking of a Wii

I have been thinking of getting a Wii for some time now and was wondering if anyone had any experience of one, and what games you would suggest.

They are pretty easy to get hold of here in Spain, but I may try and pick one up when I am in the UK. It will be a lot easier to discuss any games and accessories that way.

Obviously the fact that they are cool has a huge impact on the desire/decision as I am not a huge gamer at all. I never play games on the Mac or PC and have a PS2 that I haven’t used in over a year and a PSP that I probably couldn’t tell you when I last played it.

With the Wii however I have a feeling that even Sands may play it a bit (hope so as I would hook it up to her Samsung HD!) and I can just picture Mori trying to join in!!!

So any suggestions on games and comments on the actual console and accessories please give me a shout.

6 thoughts on “Thinking of a Wii

  1. Gary

    I too (a) have have been tempted for some time to get a Wii, but have been holding off so far, (b) have a PS/2 I haven’t touched for years and (c) am not really a games player at all anyway.

    For me the attraction is the innovative controllers. But the main thing making me hold off is the range of available games. The thing which made be buy the PS/2 was the snowboarding game SSX Tricky. Plain and simple. (And no, I’m not a snowboarder in the real world.) The latest version appears to be available for the Wii, but I’ve got this gut feeling that this version would disappoint. I haven’t seen it demonstrated anywhere.

    I think I’ll revisit the situation nearer Christmas, by which time many more games should be out. I’ll see what the selection is like then…

  2. John

    The Wii is a genuine all-round family entertainment console. Wii Sports and nothing else will keep you going for months, it’s brilliant. The web channels, such as weather and news are quite useful, and the Opera web browser is very usable and there are a bunch of Wii-optimised sites. Nothing has given us so much fun in recent memory.

    For the grown-ups, add a Wii, booze, and multiplayer Wii Sports or Mario Party and you get total hilarity. Moving furniture away from players and TV highly recommended.

    For solo fun, Zelda is amazing.

    In terms of pure gaming grunt and proper next-gen power, the PS3 is hard to beat, but for pick up games and sheer delight the Wii is the victor.

    I also haven’t touched my PS2 in years, rarely play my PSP, but often fire up the DS or Wii. I think Nintendo have gotten the formula spot on.

    A total no-regrets purchase for me!

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    @Gary – I think we are pretty much identical on this one. It is certainly a Xmas list thing for me, but I am worse than a kid in that respect – hate to wait!!!

    @John – that is exactly what I wanted to hear :-). It really was the sports that got me intrigued. The thought of playing tennis with the controllers sounds amazing!

  4. Mac Sokulski

    I can atest to Wii being one of the best consoles out there. The innovation is absolutely awsome. I can bet that it will be a few months before you will buy your first game for the Wii, the included sports game is that much fun. Nintendo got it right, you won’t be sorry.

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