Time for a……… Clean Sweep

Well it’s that time of year! The clocks have gone back, the thermal underwear has been put away, and I have a strange compulsion to eat vast amounts of chocolate.

Spring has officially sprung! So, when you have finished spring cleaning the house why not jump on your mac and give her a spruce up.

How many times have you been rooting around on your hard disk and found a folder of images, or maybe some stray mp3’s hiding away? All these little files can takes up valuable disk space.

Well Disksweeper will make it a little bit easier for you. What disksweeper does is analyse the used memory on your hard disk. Once the application has finished it’s analysing, it lets you drill down to see where all or your megabytes are being spent.

omni in action.jpg

You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised with what you find. Even more of a pleasant surprise is the price. FREE! This is the basic version which has some features disabled. But it’s a fully functioning app. If you want the convenience of a delete button within the app, go ahead and pay the $14.92 price tag.

Happy cleaning!

P.S. I figured out I had almost 2 gigs being used up by the iWork try out folder. So if you do find any apps and you want to make sure you delete all the bit and bots spread out all over your mac. Use AppDelete and that’s another freebie!

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