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I wrote last week about trying to keep ideas fresh and being on-time. Guess I didn’t do so hot with the last one… One of the goals that I have been trying to keep is as long as I am working on these blogging and podcasting ventures, I might as well try and do the best I can. So I have been reading like crazy. Anything it seems I can get my hands on. One book I reviewed here called Podcasting Solutions. I have another book I have read called Podcasting. The Do It Yourself Guide, and two more in the queue called Tricks of the Podcasting Masters and Podcasting Hacks.

Now why would one want to read so many books just on podcasting? I have found that every author can bring something else to the table. Everyone has a different workflow, ideas, equipment, etc. But it’s all basically the same thing. It comes down to being interested, and as human beings, always wanting to know more. To not only know as much as you can about a subject that you want to be involved with, but to be able to converse intelligently with others in and out of the field.

Now comes photography into the mix. I’ve always had an interest in photography. Notice I’ve said interest and not experience nor education. It’s not quite a “here we go again” scenario, but again, it’s an interest that grows until you finally want to do something about it. I’ve owned several cameras in my lifetime, never an SLR or DSLR. Until now, it’s always been point and shoot. I’ve gotten some great pics with a point and shoot, but when it really comes to THE important shots, they disappoint. The pictures that you want printed and framed. The goal making shots. The shots made in the gym under tungsten lights with action. The shots of your children onstage that you try to make sitting half–way back in the auditorium. They all disappoint. The lighting is wrong. The camera can’t focus unless the flash is on, but useless. You wind up with blurry blobs of that once in a lifetime shot, and I have finally gotten tired of it.

With the help of our Chris and two other people who I met via this site and have never corresponded with in my life, but am getting to know better and better, I have purchased my first DSLR, Aperture, and am entering into the foray of photography. It’s definitely not as easy as some make it seem, and there is definitely a lot to learn and remember. Especially when that shot comes into frame and you have to remember about f-stops, ISO and white balance, all in the space of that one second.

So what does all this have to do with blogging and podcasting? Nothing and everything. It all becomes a big circle. You do what you know. You blog and podcast about what you know well. By sharing what you know, in return people not only learn themselves, but share with you, or even correct you, what they know so that you become more educated. The more things that you know well, the more diverse and interesting your blogs and podcasts become, and all the more reason for your fans to come back. So my advice, never stop learning, or your blogs will eventually just… stop.

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  1. Mac Sokulski

    Well put. There was one photographer that wrote a whole article about White Balance. According to him, when shooting RAW with a DSLR you should not care about white balance. Just leave it on auto, and correct on the computer later. I’m following his advice, and so far so good. It makes it one less thing to worry about when actually taking photos.

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