Tracking MacWorld 2008

How will you be tracking MacWorld this year. In the past I have used Twitter, numerous iChat windows and the ‘old favorites’ of Engadget, TUAW etc. I was interested to read these new option:

The Digital Lifestyle will be teaming up with several Mac-related sites for live video coverage of Apple’s Macworld announcements. Using live streaming technology from Mogulus, The Digital Lifestyle will provide live anchored coverage of the first day of Macworld, along with live reports from the MacMost podcast team, theiLife blog, and iJustine, in and around the show floor.

“We plan on bringing viewers the latest information as the Keynote occurs, and live video of new products Apple will introduce, as they’re announced,” said Ryan Ritchey, producer of The Digital Lifestyle.

Stevenote Live is a new way to get your fix of Apple’s Macworld keynote, with live streaming of pictures and audio of the event. A panel of guests from around the world will share their opinions with viewers of the stream, powered by Mogulus, and as the keynote progresses users can share their thoughts in an in-built chat client.

The team will display pictures from inside the event on the live stream along with webcam streams of the various guests, and also any videos that come out of the event. All the most exciting happenings will be tracked and delivered to the audience, and even when the show is with a guest via webcam, the show will use a ‘Breaking News’ screen to ensure that our viewers know things first.

Stevenote Live is free, and looking for sponsors to help cover costs. They request that you fill your email address into a short form on the right hand side of their website, so they can plan for how many people will be watching. They vow to remove all email addresses after sending 1 mailing to remind people to watch the show.

Stevenote Live is another idea from the Mark Howson NameNetwork New Media stable.

10 thoughts on “Tracking MacWorld 2008

  1. Dunks

    Seem to recall refreshing TUAW constantly last year during a meeting to see if the iPhone would appear.

    This year, not sure, depends on time – Stevenote live looks fun but probably use TUAW, refresh and see if anyones on iChat.

  2. Gary

    One of the Apple rumour sites has done pretty good live – text – coverage over the past few years. It’s automatically updated every minute or so, so you don’t even need to hit Reload. I expect that it will be my main source this time around again. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the site offhand and I’ve not seen any announcements yet for next weeks big event. I think it’s probably either or – I’ll probably use both and jump between them.

    I’m sceptical about the quality we’re likely to see from either “The Digital Lifestyle” or “Stevenote Live”. I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that they’ll get snowed under and the video/audio quality will poor, if not unusable – this year at least.

    The other thing that really puts me off is this: “A panel of guests from around the world will share their opinions”. Dear heaven, save me from even more pundits!!!!! Just report the news and save the opinions for later on, elsewhere! 🙄 It’s not as if every last detail won’t be debated and discussed to death over the next few weeks in every corner of the ol’ interweb anyway.

    I’ll probably take a look in on the two sites, but I doubt very much I’ll stay long. I’ll be happy to take the mainly text updates live and then wait for Apple’s own video coverage later on if there’s anything I want to see.

    I wonder if this story indicates/confirms one or more significant announcements? I have a vague memory that they don’t always do this, so perhaps they’re making a special effort and aiming to maximise mainstream coverage of something special.

  3. Ross W

    I almost never get to follow it live since I am usually at work. I check the Apple Store over lunch though and typically watch the keynote when I get home. Less dramatic certainly but there you have it

  4. jeremy

    I followed it for a while last year before I had to go out. Like Dunks it was a constant refresh thing but I don’t remember which site provided the info. Thanks for the stevenote live link, that may be fun.

    The problem is that all the wise people say not to buy any new product but to wait for version 2. I am really looking forward to getting a new computer. It is nearly three years since I bought my iMac and my powerbook is over 4 now. I’ve no complaints about either but I’m a bloke and that means… well, need I explain? The question is; if Steve dangles in front of me an all singing and dancing macbook pro or mac mini, do I wait for rev 2? In which case, the Keynote may as well be sent to me via pigeon!

  5. Chris Marshall Post author

    I think the ‘conventional wisdom’ relates to new products and technologies. The AppleTV, iPhone, OS X 10.5 I think people were best not rushing into.

    Upgrades to existing are fine – they have had time to iron out the faults that they don’t seem able to do before releasing. A Mac mini or MBP would be fine, but a sub notebook I would give it time to see what problems the early adopters identify. At the very least you end up knowing exactly what you are buying rather than what Steve over hyped – the iPod Touch and diary entries comes to mind.

  6. Chris Marshall Post author

    Well as Apple don’t stream the Keynote live the UK media event is interesting, but I doubt significant – probaby just maintains momentum with the press post iPhone. The lack of a live stream makes it hard to imagine what video SteveNote Live can get?

    I think you may mean MacRumors as they tend to do a good job.

    To be honest by the time I have seen the 100th “Apple Store is Down” twitted or IM I have usually gone off the whole thing. Let me save people a lot of time – the store will go down, they will add new products, and the store will come back up so they can take your money! It isn’t news and it isn’t exciting!

  7. Gary

    Hey Guys! The AppleStore is currently down! No, really! 🙂

    According to this story, it will be for new Xserve and Mac Pro models.

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