Training One Month In

Well I am now one month into the training for my 20km Sponsored Run.

Overall it has been a good month, a few areas that can be improved, but the basic schedule was adhered to.

I am pretty much over the water retention problem that I had. I have certainly stopped the rot, and am probably only 20% away from getting back to normal. On that basis the 4lbs that I have lost so far is probably a good amount. I can’t say I have been on a really strict diet; have had a few drinks, eaten an ice cream, had some potato chips etc. Nothing binge like, but not perfect.

The most impressive aspect is the fact that I haven’t missed one training run, weights or pilates session all month. I am now running 7km each time, and have done for the last 8 runs, but on Monday that goes up to 10km which I think starts to ‘get real’ as that is the furthest I have pretty much ever run, so it will be a really good indication of how well I am doing and how tough the next couple of months will be.

My legs certainly feel a lot stronger, and I can actually see some of the muscle definition that has been missing for quite a few years now. My body is funny though – first place I put weight on? The old spare tyre around the stomach. The last place I lose weight from? The spare tyre around my stomach, so although the fat has shifted off my chest and thighs my stomach still hides behind a fair sized spare tyre – but enough of that stuff!!!!

I am also going to step up the diet this month, more by removing all the bad stuff than anything else as I really need to shed at least 6lbs this month. Then in October I will be 100% focussed on the correct diet and eating pattern for the run.

For now I am going to enjoy as much as I can the weekend, get a lot of rest and get focussed on 7pm on Monday when I will set off on the first 10km run.

12 thoughts on “Training One Month In

  1. Gary

    That sounds pretty impressive – keep up the good work.

    It’s been several years since I was last in a gym, so I’m definitely well out of condition. My crowning glory was taking part in the inaugural 5k which was organised at work a little over seven years ago. I know I should get back into it, but…

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  3. Dunks

    Well done Chris – good to hear it is going well. With regards to the 4lbs weight loss – bear in mind that you will be toning muscle which weighs more than fat. Therefore you will only see a small weight loss and some people even see their weight increase during the first weeks of a training programme like yours as they tone up and build muscle.

    I think I mentioned I have recently started training again and over the last 6 weeks only lost 5lbs but can now do up my belt 2 notches tighter which is what I have used as an indicator of progress. I have been running but also kayaking on a regular basis along with a lot of ‘upper body’ intensive DIY and can feel the increase in muscle tone around my stomach and arms. However, like you the old spare tyre persists!!

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    Thanks for the encouragement and well done you!!!

    Iknow you are right, and I am not that concerned at the moment. The thing about the spare tyre is that it wouldn’t be so bad if it was a spare tyre for a BMX bike, but the fact that it resembles a spare tyre for a truck is more of a problem 🙂

  5. Dunks

    lol!!! Do you use a heart rate monitor? Not sure if you’ve tried one before or heard of ‘training zones’. When I exercise I use one all the time (just a cheap simple one) and have worked out what my ‘fat burning zone’ is. I keep my heart rate between the appropriate lower and upper limits of this zone to ensure I maximise fat burning.

    It sound all complicated but it really isn’t. I’ve got some good links I could shoot over if it’s of interest. I got into this after reading an article which demonstrated how someone trained significantly less in terms of time and distance than a second athlete but by staying in the fat burning zone lost more weight.

  6. Dunks

    Should add – I found very quickly I was running too hard and had to learn to run slower in order to stay in the zone.

  7. Chris Marshall Post author

    I don’t have the problem of running too hard!!! I don’t use a heart monitor, although I have a Pulsar one. I used to use them when I was training properly, but at the moment I only have one objective – to finish a 20km run!!!

    Sands does some personal training and I used to train the rugby team here. In my past I was pretty fit – used to train with an olympic athelete and a premier football team. Always came last but I was fit 🙂

    I think my optimum fat burning heart rate is about 150.

    Good to know someone else is into this as well – will continue to compare notes with you!

  8. Gary

    150? I believe that my heart rate goes up to about that when I get up out a chair. I didn’t know that it was so good for me… Excellent! 😀

  9. Mac Sokulski

    Good job. I admire the commitment. I like my computers to much to be away from them too long 🙂

  10. Chris Marshall Post author

    Cheers, to be honest after an average of 12-14 hours in front of a Mav these days getting out for a run is almost a pleasure. Sad I know but it is just about the only time I go out these days!

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