TuneTalk Stereo for iPod video Review

Belkin has long been a favourite company of mine and the TuneTalk gives absolutely no reason not to continue loving them.

What does it do? Well Belkin claim that “the new TuneTalk Stereo from Belkin features two high-quality omnidirectional microphones for recording memos, lectures, interviews, or conversations in full stereo. Review your CD-quality audio later by using your earbud headphones or computer.

And as such it has a number of advantages
• Offers CD-quality, stereo recording
• Charges while recording with included cable
• Fits most cases
• Includes external microphone adapter (3.5mm stereo)
• Features one-touch navigation for quick memos
• Operates hands-free with included stand
• Offers real-time adjustable gain for changing noise levels
• Includes clipping indicator”

Does it? Yes! It is a well designed neatly packaged add on to the iPod with video that works a treat. My only real issue with it related to the positioning of the quick record button on the side of the unit. It is very easy to depress this when you are attaching the unit, which can start you recording before you actually want to. A bit of practice and care connecting and disconnecting the unit and you are fine, but intuitively the button is in the wrong place. For some the fact that it comes in black will be disappointing, although it doesn’t look that bad with a white iPod, but as I have a black iPod with video I was absolutely delighted with the colour match and form factor.

Oh yes, the plastic fold out stand that comes with it us functionally, but tacky.

I am not a fan of reviews that just explain how to use the product, but for those of you that want that stuff they have a good manual. For everybody else; you clip the unit onto the bottom of your iPod, click record and talk away. You then click to stop, dock your iPod and the file transfers to iTunes. What else do you need to know?

I am no audio expert, and my use was purely recreational rather than professional but I was more than satisfied with the quality. But you can decide for yourself here.

In summary, I love the form factor, was impressed with the ease of use and had great fun with it. I am not sure that I will use it that much but find it great to have with me “just in case”. I particularly enjoyed recording my wife without her knowing when we sat “quietly” reading the Sunday papers in the marina – boy she can talk, a comment or observation on every article she read ☺ 24 questions in a row that I never got a chance to answer!

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