TV connection update.

It is a while now since I gave up on the dual screen dream that I had for my Mac mini, 23″ HD Screen and B&O TV.

That left me with the option of physically connecting my Mac mini to the B&O every time that I wanted to watch any of my content stored on the Mac on the TV. To facilitate this I use a wireless Mighty Mouse and the Manta TR1 USB IR along with Mira from Twisted Melon. This works fine, but I think in hindsight I would have gone with the AirClick USB so that I could have continued to use the remote on the Mac mini regardless of which screen (room) it was connected to or the Keyspan which does the same thing.

The reality though is that I am not using this ‘feature’ as much as I thought I would, or indeed as much as I want to. I can live with having to physically swap out the screens, and the limitations of only having the remote work in the lounge (without going into Preferences every time I want to use it in the Study). What I am really struggling with is the hassle of having to re layout my screen every time I switch displays, and the overall poor quality of image on the TV. Now don’t get me wrong, the quality is pretty good, but I have come to the conclusion that all this ‘stuff’ that Apple are producing for sharing and viewing your digital media only really works with the latest TV’s. I have had other people say the same thing to me on this subject. I am not in a position to swap out my TV so I will have to live with this, which brings me to the ‘issue’ of swapping between displays.

Again, I accept this is a little ‘petty’ but it really gets to me, so I am seriously thinking that the only viable option is to have a Mac mini dedicated to the TV. Hook it up and set up the display so it never gets changed. Only use it for eyeTV and my movies. This is pretty much what I was originally planning when I bought the Mac mini, so in a way I am not disappointed, although it would have been nice to have sorted it out.

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  1. krieger

    The AirClick is fabulous, but its software isn’t. The remote is real slick with its tiny clip. I am now using it with Remote Buddy (supports the keyspan and Apple Remote as well I think). Link:

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