Twitter or Pownce (or both?)

Yet again a ‘new’ Web 2.0 service has got off to a flying start. I am talking about Pownce (well I would ‘talk’ about it if I knew how to pronounce it). Anyway since the invites started flying around at the weekend, many of them on Twitter ironically, it has been amazing how popular it has become – well popular with the same group of early adopters that you would expect to jump on the bandwagon.

I am guilty as charged – have been looking at it far too much over the weekend. The most impressive thing? It knocked the iPhone off the top of the “What do you think?” questions that came flying my way.

So far I am impressed, especially with the grouping of friends into sets, which seems to be a feature missed by just about everyone I have spoken to. For me this is probably going to be the single most attractive feature. I can see a number of promotional benefits of Pownce, but somewhat ironically the sharing of files isn’t high on my list of priorities.

Twitter or Pownce? Already a frequently asked question, and probably inevitable that it will come down to that for many. Twitter has the simplicity and reliability (hard to imagine I know but currently Pownce’s desktop application is as flakey as can be) and I love the way I can use it on the header on my blog.

I would like to be able to set up a set in Pownce called twitter (which I have done) and to then send that Pownce Post (PP from no onwards I think) to my twitter account, and for that particular PP (so that would be a PPP) to show up in my header as it does now.

Anyway if you want a Pownce friend go ahead and invite me. My name is Chris Marshall …….. and I am a Pownce addict!

And let me know. If you had to chose right now would you go with Twitter or Pownce (or indeed both as I think I will be doing)?

9 thoughts on “Twitter or Pownce (or both?)

  1. Glenn Wolsey

    I’m using both for now, but Pownce sure looks pretty good for the future. We’ll see how it all pans out.

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  3. Tom Hancocks Post author

    [quote post=”764″]Twitter has the simplicity and reliability (hard to imagine I know but currently Pownce’s desktop application is as flakey as can be) and I love the way I can use it on the header on my blog.[/quote]

    Already working on a fix for my blog 🙂 Not too sure how it will work out though.

  4. Danny

    Twitter is winning out for me at the moment. Mainly because of the amount of friends I have accumilated on Twitter as opposed to the few on Pownce at the moment. As this changes I may use it more but I also prefer twitterific to the pownce desktop app.

  5. Chris Marshall Post author

    I can see that Danny – Twitter is actually much less time consuming and less intrusive. At the moment people really seem to be trying to turn Pownce into a twitter replacement when I think it has a lot more to come in the not so distant future.

  6. Chris Marshall Post author

    The big difference is that Pownce allows you to easily share files, links and invite people to events as well as ‘just’ send out messages to people. A message will allow replies so you get a conversation thread.

    At the moment most people areusing it a la Twitter ‘just’ to send out random statements or links (blog entries, you tube etc) BUT I think it has some pretty strong business benefits along the line. For example when I am ready to mass release the archives code I could share the file with everyone on my friends lists and they in turn can ‘pass it on’.

    I like the sets concept for grouping people.

    Pownce isn’t as simple as Twitter. Watch this space for a twitter like WordPress plugin though, and maybe a way to send your public Pownce posts to twitter as well?

  7. Micahville

    Just want to start this comment out by saying that this site has been a new discovery for me, and I am liking your writing very well so far.

    To continue, I have been hearing not so quiet murmurs about Pownce from some other bloggers. I am not able to personally weight the two against each other (wink wink, nudge nudge) seeing as I haven’t received an invite to the service yet.

    Pownce seems like it would provide a more communal feel. More like a social network. With Twitter, I get more narcisstic vibes.

    Lastly, one of the reasons that I use Twitter is to update my site’s readers on what I am currently doing. If a tool enabled me to show my “Pownce’s” (?) integrated in the header, that would be a great addition to what sounds like an already amazing service.

    Nice post.

  8. Chris Marshall Post author

    OK, that is smart, very smart!!! Compliment me then drop a hint – I have emailed you an invite!!! I expect to hear about your thoughts back here though when you have had a chance to try it out.

    I think your expectation is right – Pownce is new and has a lot of teething issues, not least will be getting rid of the people who are trying to make it into another twitter. Twitter is great for shout outs to friends/world but that is it. I use it to keep ‘latest news’ type info in the header on the site and it is great forthat.

    Pownce is far more for communities and will be agreat way of viral marketing stuff. At the moment I just get a load of people sendingh me links to You Tube stuff.

    Finally – watch this space. I am working on just such a plugin for Pownce. With luck will have it up on this site today or at least this week.

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