UK iPhone Stories

Since the iPhone was launched on Friday in the UK I have heard from a number of you on your experiences and I thought that it might be fun if you shared those experiences in purchasing, activating and posing with your new ‘best friend’.

So if you feel so inclined leave a comment below with your experiences and initial impressions…….

111 thoughts on “UK iPhone Stories

  1. Dunks

    In other iPhone news:
    “Google has just released an integrated web application for iPhone and iPod touch. It offers you access to Google search, gmail, calendar, and reader applications in a single, convenient place. A recent Staff Pick, it’s one of the more than 450 news, games, weather, sports, and other web-based applications for iPhone and iPod touch you’ll find on our web apps page. Like information about designing, coding, optimizing, and submitting your own web application? Then visit our iPhone Dev Center.” – from Apple Hot News RSS

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    I saw that – but I don’t use any of them. Well gmail sure but via IMAP

    The rest is all ‘fluff’ – not going to make me any more productive or help me on a day to day basis.

  3. Mark Hedley

    I had no issues myself moving from O2 Biz to iPhone… simply give them the iPhone temp number and the number to be ported! it’s that simple.




    work is being done on MMS app now for the iPhone, let’s hope A2DP is not too far behind it!!!!

  4. Dunks

    @Mark: Exactly what I did, and thought all was fine until the bill for the old phone arrived!

    Today I received this helpful message from

    Due to the volume of tarnsfer onto iPhone accounts. We can only request
    the transfer of your mobile number from your existing account to your
    iPhone account.
    As it appears your mobile number has been transferred to iPhone and not
    disconnected from your existing account I will be unable to offer any
    further assistance.

    Please call Customer Service on 0800 9777 337

    Great, another new number to ring! here we go….

  5. Dunks

    Excellent – when I call that number from my iPhone it tells me I have an online account, to ring the first number I tried yesterday and then disconnects me! Seems I have gone full circle.

  6. jeremy

    Yesterday, I was in Waitrose department store. They have a decent range of Apple products there, I was next to a couple looking at the MacBook & MacBook pro range. I could tell that they were a bit confused so I asked them what they were looking for. The wife said it was for her. She’d bought an iPhone and wanted a laptop which would give her greater compatibility than her windows machine.

    I thought it was interesting that in the iPhone, Apple has a product which its causing people to switch.

    By the way, I told them to wait a few weeks, and explained Macworld to them.

  7. Adam Ramshaw

    the halo effect in full erm, effect :p. Good advice telling them to hold off till macworld I think that new MacBooks are pretty likely more so than an ultra portable.

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