United 93

Have just watched the movie United 93 which was somewhat strange given the events yesterday in London and today in Glasgow.

I really am not sure what I felt about the movie? At one level I thought it wrong to be looking in on so much tragedy and fear, on the other hand I found it totally gripping and especially towards the end sort of ‘lost’ myself and thought they may pull out of the dive at the last minute. The cynic in me couldn’t help thinking that they should have rushed the guys earlier as they came so close to saving themselves, and at times I had to remind myself that this wasn’t a fictional story.

So with that many varying emotions it must be a good film – it was certainly gripping to watch, and I am really glad that I watched it. Of course no one will ever know the inside story but the story from the outside really didn’t show the authorities in a good light. I am no expert so don’t know how they could have done it better, but it seemed like the left hand didn’t even know there was a right hand never mind what it was doing.

I am still unsure how comfortable I am with these ‘true story’ tragedies and would be really interested in your views if you have watched the film.

5 thoughts on “United 93

  1. Danny

    Hmmm, this was an interesting one. I almost had to force myself to watch it as I almost couldnt bare the thought of “knowing” what was going to happen to them. Especially when they threw in things like the guy being relieved as he just makes the flight – I found myself begging him to be late.
    But it is a great movie, as in it is shot well, tells the story well and does grip you all the way through but its content I did find a little uncomfortable to watch.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Exactly – sightly disturbing. I am not sure that I would watch it again. It is on the Mac mini for now but I think it is one of those films that I am overall glad that I have seen but wont want to watch again?

  3. Mac Sokulski

    This is one of the movies I just refuse to watch. I’m too big of a softy not to be affected, and I find that watching the news provides me with enough human misery. So I keep my movie selection to over the top comedies, and non-realisms. It’s my time to escape the real world, and I value that very much.

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    I can understand that – sort of peaking in on something that traumatic is creepy. I don’t like that either, but I do think they did a great job at making you realise what it would probably have been like – not that I really wanted to know, and certainly don’t want to find out!

  5. Mac Sokulski

    My thoughts exactly, that is why I refuse to watch it.

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