v-moda vibe review, that nearly wasn’t

This review of the v-moda red vibe modophones $101 very nearly didn’t happen. The review was very nearly …….

The headphones arrived in a very bright, shiny red envelope, which proved to be a good indication of the excellent branding to come. I opened the envelope and took out the shiny black folder with the product details, posters and v-mode vip membership card and then turned my attention to the excellently packaged headphones themselves. At that point my wife went ” they are so cool, can I have them”, and that was the last I saw of them!

It turned out to be a while before I could get my hands (or ears) on them but that at least gave me time to take a good look through all the glossy brochures that came with them, and the excellent web site. The vip club is pretty cool, especially the podcast and the music charts. The rest to be ‘blunt’ was a little too ‘girlie’ for me – very nice and all, but not something that I specifically look for when I am buying headphones. In fact by the time I was able to give them a try I was somewhat skeptical that they would be more style than substance. After all how much of the $101 would be left to actually make good quality headphones?

My initial impression on getting hold of them backed this up somewhat as they felt very light, almost fragile. They did fit into the ear well though (and came with enough sizes to fit pretty much any ear I would think) and within a few minutes I had discarded all my skepticism – they sounded great! They do feel somewhat ‘light’ compared to my usual ‘in -ear’ headphones and whilst they didn’t move at all I did find it a little disconcerting not to be able to feel them, but I got used to it.

Anyway, this is what Sands had to say about them:

“When I first saw the v-moda headphones that Chris had just opened, my immediate response was “they’re mine! They match my Nike + armband!!!” I loved the stylish red and overall look of them, and the gold carry case is really cool.

However, when it came to using them I was a little concerned, as I don’t normally get on well with this type of headphone that actually slots right into your ear canal. I did find it a little difficult to get them settled in my ear, but that may well be me getting used to them, and I have to say that once in they didn’t budge. Throughout an initial 30 min run down a fairly windy beach, I didn’t feel them move at all.

The sound quality was excellent, background noise was less and overall everything was louder than my standard iPod Nano headphones, so I was really pleased that I had remembered to turn down my volume setting before starting out.

Overall I was really impressed. They look good , sound good and are very comfortable, Definitely keepers!!!”

So we both agree – very nice indeed. I would be happy to use them all the time, but I am happier still to let Sands have them. They are a great headphone, backed up by some very classy marketing and promotional material – well worth a look.

For those that like to know the technical details here they are:

alluring alloy elegance
• sophisticated design accentuates the modern individual
• handmade premium metal craftsmanship

hi-definition sound (read the vibe design philosophy)
• vibrant bass, vivid mid-range, and vivacious highs
• alloy metal enables sculpted sound curve fashioned for discerning music enthusiasts
• rich and precise bass levels that accentuate bass-enhanced music
• V-MASQUE dynamic driver provides natural and warm soundstage

essential sport ergonomics
• three sizes of ultra-soft silicon fittings (S,M,L) provide comfortable, quick, and secure fit
• lightest earphone in class at 12 grams
• micro-sized and flush-fit for active lifestyles and relaxation
• durable even-length cables optimized for sport

noise isolating technology
• bass level isolating soft silicone (BLISS) technology reduces noise and enables deep bass
• unlike bulky active noise cancellation, BLISS introduces no artificial sound into your music and requires no batteries

leather pouch and modawrap cable manager
• gold leather pouch provides effortless storage
• modawrap provides convenient cable management
• VIP card access to exclusive “V-MODA modcasts”, music and gear

Compatibility: all iPod, Zune, MP3, DVD, computer, and CD players
Included Accessories: gold leather pouch, modawrap, six pairs (S,M,L) of clear and two pairs (S) black silicone fittings, V-MODA VIP Card
Frequency Response: 12 Hz – 22 kHz
Speaker Driver: V-MASQUE dynamic technology, 9mm neodymium rare-earth magnet
Cable length: 32” plug to y-connector, 13.5” even-length earphone cables
Cable diameter: 2.2mm optimal for sport
Plug: 24k gold-plated, straight 3.5mm (1/8”) stereo plug
Weight: 12 grams (0.42 ounces)
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 92 dB (at 1kHz 1mW)
Rated Input Power: 2mW

one year V-MODA premier replacement warranty

6 thoughts on “v-moda vibe review, that nearly wasn’t

  1. Wayne LeFevre

    You’d be surprised how often that happens on all the “cool” stuff! 🙂
    Well, we got to keep ’em happy somehow!

  2. rwimborne


    Thanks for the review – I just bought a pair of these and really like them

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