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I have reviewed v-mode products before, namely the v-mode Vibe. Well truth be told I sort of reviewed them on the basis that Sands took one look at them and claimed them for herself. As she has since got a new iPod Nano in red I have no chance of getting them back!

So when the chance came along to get hold of a set of the new v-mode Vibe Duo headphones I came up with a cunning plan:

  • I made sure that Sands didn’t have an iPhone
  • I got the silver and black ones to match the iPhone
  • I made sure they arrived the day before I went to Dubai for 12 days so she had no chance of getting hold of them!

First up, the quality of the packaging and the overall design is very cool and ‘fits’ with the iPhone perfectly! The ‘phones come with a number of ear bud options that are bound to work for you. I found them really comfortable although they take a while to get used to as they sort of rest in your ears rather than fit into your ear. It is hard to explain, but the initial feeling is that they aren’t actually securely settled into the ear and so may fall out at any time, but in fact they are very secure and you can run with them with total confidence.

The great thing about using them on the Dubai trip is they got a lot of use in a number of different environments – airport, airplane, gym, beach, office and chilling out in the Villa, and they were pretty much perfect in every instance. I found that they kept enough noise out in every situation to ensure a rich sound without feeling at all ‘dangerous’ when running or ‘restrictive’ when in the office. I was more than aware of what was going on around me, while retaining the ability to hide within my own little world most of the time.

Then there is the way that they work with the iPhone. Just about perfect for me! The microphone element is very neat and blends in totally with the cord and the overall design. The small button to stop and start your music is a little small, but easy to find and does all you really need it to do – stop and start your iPod. The quality of the reception and the clarity of the voice are excellent both through the ‘phones and the microphone, and the cord is long enough to be flexible, but not too long as to get in the way.

All in all a perfect fit for the iPhone, even down to the plug which settles very nicely into the ‘only for Apple headphones’ socket on the iPhone. At $99.99 they are not cheap, but they certainly are good value as they combine a great set of headphones with a good hands free solution for the iPhone. The best bit? The fact that they appear like a regular set of headphones so I could go ‘hands free’ without sticking some Space Age type bluetooth device into my ear.

Try them you will like them. I am off to find a hiding place for mine before Sands reads this review! The pouch they came in is fine, except that Moreno took a liking to it and has chewed it up already!


Press Release

Music lifestyle brand V-MODA today announced the VIBE Duo, a dual-use earphone with microphone combination designed to accessorize the Apple iPhone. The VIBE Duo luxury headphone/headset for the iPhone features hi-definition sound, in addition to optimum communication capabilities. It offers unprecedented mobility during any activity, from exercise to travel and beyond.

With a suggested retail price of $99.99 and boasting durable black fabric cables and an all-metal design, the luxurious VIBE Duo in-ear earphones with microphone are lightweight, comfortable and stylish. Val Kolton, founder and CEO of V-MODA, said the VIBE Duo will give consumers a unique way to benefit from all the technology the iPhone offers.

“We developed VIBE Duo to bring unmatched convenience, comfort and mobility to Apple iPhone users,â€? Kolton said. “At V-MODA, we celebrate an active, music-inspired lifestyle – we live it and breathe it. The VIBE Duo is perfect for consumers who appreciate innovation, craftsmanship and style. It’s got all these qualities in one sophisticated, great-sounding, cost-efficient, premium accessory that complements the new iPhone.”

The iPhone is lauded for combining three products – a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod® with touch controls and a breakthrough Internet communications device – into one small and lightweight handheld. It boasts a thin, sleek profile that is complemented by the lightweight (13 grams) VIBE Duo. The VIBE Duo’s mini microphone is also discreet and unobtrusive, blending seamlessly with the black cabling.

For active, on-the-go consumers, VIBE Duo features three sizes of ultra-soft silicon fittings for a secure, comfortable fit. To further ensure the accessory doesn’t jar loose during exercise or strenuous activities, a small clip adds extra security.

VIBE Duo joins the existing VIBE line of luxury, high-fashion modaphones from V-MODA, heralded upon introduction for offering state-of-the-art audio on the go. Much like VIBE, when it comes to enjoying tunes, VIBE Duo offers superior technology that enables a sculpted response curve fashioned for the discerning audio enthusiast, providing a precise balance of rich bass, warm mids and unprecedented clarity. Utilizing V-MASQUE dynamic driver technology, VIBE Duo achieves a precise yet natural soundstage in comparison to other high-end earphones. BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicon) technology further reduces outside noise for a precise and rich bass response (frequency 12Hz to 22Hz).

VIBE Duo is compatible with the iPod and all other portable music players. Available in Nero (black) and Chrome, it is packaged with an elegant leather pouch for safe travel and storage.

Pricing and Availability

The VIBE Duo headphone/headset is available now for $99.99 and can be found at the Apple Store as well as online at Shop V-MODA (shop.v-moda.com) and Apple.com. The product is backed by a 100 percent risk-free satisfaction guarantee, as well as free shipping in the U.S. for a limited time only. Please visit v-moda.com for more information on pricing and retail availability.

3 thoughts on “v-mode Vibe Duo

  1. Dunks

    Got to say these look very nice however I only ever use earphones when I’m out running (and thats not to frequent at the moment) so I’m happy to trash an old pair of iPod earphones for that. The iPhone earphones live in the car for calls whilst driving but remain unconnected most of the time as I use a line in to the car stereo.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    They work well for running but I see your point. I guess it depends if you run with the iPhone or not? I tend to so it is good to know that I have the means to respond to a call if necessary – although my phone actually hasn’t rang or received a SMS for the 10 days that I have been back so taking it running is really in case I need to use it in which case I wouldn’t be running so wouldn’t need the hands free – so maybe I should just use some old ‘phones as well 🙂

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