Videator ($49) is one of those applications that you ‘may as well have’ if you spend any time at all capturing your life and those around you on a digital video camera or iSight. I do not mean that in an at all derogatory manner! It is a fun, affordable and easy to use application that has given me hours of fun – and I know a lot of people who would enjoy owning it.

It has an impressive list of features (see below) and there is bound to be something that suits your needs. Personally I loved ‘messing about’ with the iSight Live Feed with some very cool/weird/bizarre options explored to the full.

Second on my list was just messing about with the many effects and plugins, primarily to make the movies I take of Moreno a little ‘crazy’, especially when used in conjunction with the VJ (video jock) function on the Samsung 32″.

It also has a serious side to it and as I have been working on a video related project for future (possible) release it has been pretty good for the basics that I have needed to do.

Not quite the Photoshop for Videos it is certainly has a lot of similar traits with the plugins and effects, ranging from the very simple, such as colour control, to more advanced masking by color or adding multiple videos across a time line.

Rendering speeds were very impressive because there really aren’t any – it is instant, and the fact that it is non destructive editing gives peace of mind.


• Live Performance Video VJ’ing
• Make your own movies/Podcasts
• Take snapshots – Make SlideShows
• Realtime effects in live video/Movies
• Edit existing movies non-destructively
• Mix music/sounds/midi easily
• Wire visuals to sound
• Intuitive all-in-one interface
• 100 native Effects and Filters
• 10 custom Core Image Unit PlugIns
• Automatically loads new PlugIns
• Drop on effects from iMaginator
• Choose effects Visually
• Apply effects over time
• Fade In and Fade Out effects
• Drop In from iMovie, iPhoto and iTunes
• Paint and Erase in layers
• Layer Text, Images and other Movies
• Apply Effects via Menu or Library
• Full screen Display mode
• Drag out images from Well
• Save Effect Chains in Library
• Save Images/Movies in Library
• Save Effects as Favorites
• Find Effects Fast
• Unlimited Undo
• Reads RAW images
• Integrated with XaoS – realtime fractals
• Save as TIFF, JPG, PNG or Movie
• Make Thumbnails of any size
• Customize with Preferences
• SpotLight plugIn
• Searchable Help


Videatorâ„¢ is a movie-making and video processing powerhouse. You can apply over 110 different filters, effects and transitions, as well as layer other movies, images, paint and text to create QuickTime movies, PodCasts, slideshows, or snapshots.

NOTE: Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher (Tiger and beyond!) and video card that supports Quartz Extreme – Supported Video Cards

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