VoodooPad 3.0

It isn’t that long since I reviewed the last version of VoodooPad

With this latest release Gus has put a little bit more icing on the cake.

For those of you that already use VoodooPad here are the latest additions and fixes:

* New document property for new pages to be plain text.
* Backlinks now include aliases to the current page.
* Downloading injected files from the webserver now gives a sane filename.
* New pref to turn back on the startup window at launch.
* Aliases are now copied out with an item on a document split.
* Made some performance enhancements for documents with lots and lots of categories.
* Fixed the keyboard shortcut for copy ruler.
* Fixed a problem where backlinks were not showing up for some people.
* Links in search results now work.
* The delete button is now disabled for the search tab.
* Palettes now act a little nicer when moving in and out of full screen mode.
* “Show all Palettes” actually … shows all palettes. (Amazing!)
* Fixed an issue where titles where not showing up in pages when viewed in the browser (VPPro only).
* Fixed a problem where html comments were showing up in the title for category pages in web export

And for those of you that haven’t used it yet, now is a great time to take a look at the application.

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