Tim loves simple, efficient applications, so he would love Voodoo Pad ($24.95) for sure.

As they say on their site “VoodooPad is a new kind of notepad. It’s like having your own digital junk drawer where you can jot down notes, web addresses, to-do lists… Anything on your mind. VoodooPad automatically links each page together, to form a miniature world wide web, on your desktop! Anybody familiar with the WikiWikiWeb will feel right at home with VoodooPad.”

As for myself, this is an application that I had heard about before I purchased my PowerBook in January, and had made a note to try it. It was only last week when I got round to reviewing it that I realized that I had actually been using it since January and in the best possible sense I had forgotten all about it! At the very basic level it is fundamentally a hierarchical list with the often found hyperlinks feature to jump between your lists. Viewed as such it is still an extremely useful and easy to use application. It has all the usual document management and manipulation features (Copy, Paste, Export to Word etc) and one export function that I love to bits – you can export to your iPod Notes!! (In theory that is. As I write this although my PowerBook says that all the pages are on the iPod, the iPod is only picking up the index page. Their web site advises deleting any other Notes, but I have done this and still can’t access all the pages on the iPod. I have emailed the developer so we will see what their support is like. I will update the comments as and when I hear from them). I also use the sketch feature a lot for when I want to visualize the “project” that I am making notes on.

I was thinking how I could summarize the application, and in doing so I was trying to remember what I used before Voodoo Pad (I used to keep a series of individual Word documents). I really can’t remember a time when I didn’t use it on the PowerBook, and to me that seems a pretty good definition of a great application, one that you can’t remember not using. I certainly wouldn’t want to imagine not using it.

The web site is well organized and has a great features section. There are a number of good plugins, my favorite been the Hot Key and Add Images ones.

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