Want to buy CS3 in the UK? Ouch!!!

“An upgrade to Creative Suite 3 Design Premium from CS2.3 costs an American $471.90 with Californian sales tax. The exact same upgrade in the UK costs £546.38, equivalent to $1080.31 as of going to press. That’s a markup of almost 130%, significantly beyond the usual price-doubling that Brits have reluctantly come to expect.” so quotes The Regsiter

My personal association with the US goes back to 1980 when I first visited prior to going to school in Minneapolis in 1981/2 (25 year reunion this August) and in all that time the general rule of thumb was “dollars for pounds” i.e. a CD would be $14.99 in the US and £14.99 in the UK. The exchange rate determined where it was ‘best’ to buy the product. Adobe have gone way beyond that, and if true it sucks!!

The rest of the article gives some other examples – apparently if you want to buy a F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter you are better off buying it in the US than the UK.

4 thoughts on “Want to buy CS3 in the UK? Ouch!!!

  1. Darren Rolfe

    I know it’s shocking. I remember when I was Studio Manager of an Agency and we changed over from Quark to CS1 it was £500 all in – everything!

    Over a grand now for the full version and £500 for the upgrade

    They get you hooked in and then they hike the prices

    Very clever…

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