I have always had a bit of a thing about watches and as a child remember badgering my parents for a Timex. I went through the red LED digital phase, various Casio sports watches and when I started work bought my first ‘posh’ watch, a Gucci which I regret selling to a friend when I bought my first Big Occasion Watch!

A little ‘Howard and Hilda’ we have tended to buy matching watches for big birthdays, and to be fair we also both have Garmin Sports watches and Oakley casual watches as well as far too many ‘day to day’ watches that we have accumulated over the years …. and don’t ask about how many cricket watches I have!!!

For Sandra’s 60th we bought her a 1960 Omega, so for my 60th we bought a 1963 Omega!
From left to right: Rolex for my 30th, Cartier for my 40th, Edox for my 50th, Omega for my 60th

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