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I really wasn’t sure about WebnoteHappy, $24.95, before I reviewed it. Specifically I couldn’t see why I would want to use it when I was pretty happy with my own bookmarks folder structure and del.icio.us. webnotehappy-header.jpg

To start as usual with their site, they say:

“WebnoteHappy is a new web site tagging and annotating app for Mac OS X that helps you organize, bookmark, and make notes about the web pages that matter to you.

Each web page can be personalized with notes and tags as you bookmark it, creating a “webnote”. The fast integrated search makes it easy to find your webnotes again. Organize your webnotes with folders and smart folders.”

First thoughts? Wow another bookmark application – so what? Why would I want that?

The site continues:

“WebnoteHappy is browser-independent, so you can create webnotes from within any browser on Mac OS X via the global hot key or bookmarklet. Tag and add notes to your Firefox, Safari, or OmniWeb bookmarks by importing them. WebnoteHappy also interoperates with NetNewsWire, letting you tag and add notes to items in RSS feeds.”

Hmmm – not that excited by this!

Back to the site:

* Take notes and tag the web pages that interest you so you can find them later
* Find your webnotes with an iTunes-like search
* Integrated with del.icio.us
* Navigate your tags with the Tag Browser
* Organize your webnotes with Folders
* Create Smart Folders – like Smart Playlists in iTunes
* Works with all major web browsers on OS X: Safari, Camino, Firefox, OmniWeb, and more
* NetNewsWire integration
* Open the associated web page for any webnote
* Import from Safari to better manage your bookmarks
* Merge duplicate bookmarks when importing from Safari
* Import from and export to XBEL
* Export to a bookmarks file

Ah, Smart Playlists and tagging – now there are a couple of phrases that intrigue me. This was now starting to make sense so I downloaded the application and started to play around with it, and I still am! I love this application because I can manage and tag my bookmarks exactly how I want to. For example, researching the price of some SLR digital cameras it was excellent not only to save the site details, but to tag my thoughts, any advice that I received, special information etc.


I must give a word of warning though – it can become extremely addictive. Once you have configured it for your browser, I use Firefox and needed to add the bookmarklet which was really easy, and imported your bookmarks you are good to go.


4 thoughts on “Web Note Happy

  1. Bob

    Hello –

    I’m curious that you found this app helpful, when it didn’t seem to work for me. Specifically, smart folders don’t seem to work (click on Smart Folder, nothing happens). It imported my Safari bookmarks (all 1200 of them) as one huge list, losing the folder structure I had built over years. I spent about five minutes on this, so not exactly a thorough trial, but I decided not to waste further time on it. Maybe it works better with Firefox, as you use.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Wow that is a real app from the past 🙂

    Can’t think when I last used it, but I don’t even use del.icio.us anymore either. From what I recall it was a pain to set up, and all in all I don’t think I had the patience to persevere with it after a while.

  3. Bob

    [quote comment=””]I don’t even use del.icio.us anymore either.[/quote]

    Are you using a bookmarking app at all (or just the one in your browser)? I’m looking for a good one. The social bookmarking sites are more about sharing than good design and organization. I’m not sure tags are the final solution. I just have hundreds of folders, 1200 bookmarks, and it’s out of control. Some of these bookmarks go back 5-10 years and are no doubt pointing to a black hole at this point. So a good tool would:

    – check for dead links
    – have a great interface
    – make it easy to reorganize
    – utilize tagging (multiple categories for a given bookmark)

    WebNoteHappy isn’t up to the task, from what I saw. Got an email from the developer y’day, and it seems he is still working on the app. Told him to keep me posted.

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    I use 5 browsers on a daily basis – sort of a browser per project/client/activity so I have been using Bookdog a little recently to keep track of everything.

    It is OK 🙂

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