What Caught My Eye Last Week – 05/02

This seems to have been the week for IM software! I am semi-adicted to IM and have a .Mac address, an AIM account, two MSN accounts, a couple of Google Talk accounts and of course Skype. I find them very good for productivity and use them way more than I do email.

As such I use a number of applications with them and swap between them depending on the mood I am in, whether I want the all open at one time or not etc.

Microsoft Messenger 6.0.2 isn’t my favourite but a lot of people I know I have it, and although I can access it through Adium sometimes I just want MSN open, and this version allows me to interact with Windows MSN users better.

Adium 1.0 is a bit of a modern day classic and a great way to have a number of different IM applications open at any time.

Skype 2.5 is a update to the beta that I have been using since November and I love it.

My only gripe with IM is that they should allow communication between all the different types. When mobile phones and SMS (texting) first started in the UK you could only send messages between phones on the same carrier. Once they opened it up to all carriers usage went through the roof – come on IM guys!!!!

A couple of my all time favourite applications got upgrades as well:

Airfoil 2.0.6 is a great application for streaming your music between multiple speaker networks and from iTunes and the internet.

Pando 1.4 isn’t something that I use all the time, but I use it regularly and it does a great job at allowing you to transfer big files around.

Then we had a couple of neat products that caught my eye:

Nike Performance Hatphones is a wooly hat that contains the speakers and I can see my wife wanting one of these.

Doctor Who Tardis is a USB hub that I just knew that Wayne would love. In fact he is having one shipped to me so that I can sen it on to him.

And finally …… a couple of fun items:

Jack Bauer Kit . For those of you who like me love 24 and still dream of a different life from time to time this is a great list.

iPhone Skin for MotoRAZR. I have a RAZR, I wont be getting the current iPhone, but now will I be getting this skin. Still it is fun.

Cross Dating is a humourless article that brought a smile to my face.

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