What Caught My Eye Last Week – 12/02

Although the year is still young this could well end up been my favourite quote of the year; “Vista is at best mildly annoying and at worst makes you want to rush to Redmond, Wash. and rip somebody’s liver out” from an interesting article that isn’t exactly complimentary to Vista. It does provide a good overview summary of Vista though and is well worth a read.

New Software from Apple as early as March? A rumour only – treat as you will! As for me I doubt it somehow.

I Hate Macs! Well obviously I don’t but the guy writing this article sure does. If you have the ability to laugh at yourself (there is something of all of us in some parts of his description) and you even half understand English humour you will enjoy this article and just for Wayne there is even a mention of the Dr Who Tardis.

This Skype Hack looks pretty cool. Personally I think the video quality on iChat is best and the voice quality on Skype is best. Unfortunately this hack doesn’t get close to iChat and as the only people that I really video call on Skype are my parents I can’t really see them doing this hack!

For anyone interested in winning some great photographic books the digital Photography School have a neat competition. All you need to do (other than be a Forum Member) is to enter a review of your digital camera.

That’s it for this week – a pretty quite week which isn’t a bad thing from time to time. Oh, ‘one more thing’ DIGG had a good article on 83 WordPress themes that people probably hadn’t seen, well you are all very lucky as you have seen number 65 on the list!!!!

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