What Caught My Eye Last Week – 12/03

Apple is the most innovative company and America’s leading retailer, report claims. Hmmm – wonder how long that will stay that way if they continue this strategy of “announce and don’t deliver”? Seriously though I love Apple stores, has been over a year since I last got anywhere near one though!

Mac OS X 10.5 could sway converts from Windows say analysts. I have little doubt this could well be the case, when it comes out!

ClamXav 1.0.7b was released. I use this every month as part of by back up and maintenance regime.

Add this article that claims Apple could get a $900 million boost from CS3 (posted about this in the week, when it looked like Adobe may release on 27 March, since denied) to the Leopard claims above and it could be a very good year for Apple.

Having struggled somewhat in the week with my network I was interested to see that Apple intend to make Wireless Setup Easier.

And finally as a big fan of twitter I thought this article had some good points.

And that’s it – a very quite week!

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