What Caught My Eye Last Week – 19/02

This post should probably carry some sort of warning! It isn’t very long and it isn’t very exciting (and that isn’t something the actress said to the bishop!)

I just didn’t find last week particularly exciting in terms of Apple related news. A (very) few things did catch my eye:

Speed Up Your Dashboard seems like a handy little tip. It isn’t something I will be doing as a) I don’t use that many widgets that often (although the ones I do use I love) and b) as one of the comments says, clearing he cache just slows everything up the next time.

As I spent a fair amount of last week and the weekend thinking about getting a new AirPort Extreme I was interested in this review. It doesn’t look like I will be getting a new one. Is funny – am trying really hard to find something of the new stuff to buy, but can’t find anything! Other good reviews on the AE can be found here and here.

The UK Mac Adverts seem to have similar criticism to the US ones, with the ‘Mac Guy’ perceived as too smug. It seems in the UK that some people are claiming it is ‘backfiring‘ on Apple.

Finally, having made a real effort over the last month to switch of my computers, or at least put them into standby more regularly I was pleased to see that according to this article I may be saving myself a reasonable amount of money.

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