What Caught My Eye Last Week – 19/03

I hadn’t realised just how much space the iPhoto application took up on the Mac until I read this article. What I liked particularly is that it didn’t just identify the problem, but gave some useful advice as well.

Maybe we will see a date announced later this month for Leopard? Rumour seems to be a date announced this month, for a possible release in April.

I love a list and I love my iPods so I was intrigued by these 7 ‘must have‘ applications for the iPod. I actually don’t really use the iPod in a way that makes any of these applications that exciting. I did use iPodSyns in my pre Mac days and really liked it.

Hmmm …….. Amex’s “Touch Sense” Keyboard and Skype dual-phone got me all excited, but left me disappointed.

And finally Twitter for work may just give you the excuse you need when your boss catches you ‘chatting’.

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