What Caught My Eye Last Week – 22/01

You may be forgiven for thing there was nothing on the news other than the Beatles and the iPhone, but a few things did catch my attention this week:

It would appear that Windows is still the PC of choice for students, at least at Pepperdine University according to this article. When I was as at college having a PC just wasn’t an option, but if I was studying now I would have a Mac, a Starbucks card and would never go to the library at all. Come to think of it I never did anyway.

As you know (or should do if you read this blog) I have been looking at using the Mac mini as a central hub for my digital media. This article takes a look at the AppleTv v The Mac mini. I know which gets my vote, and all I will say is that I am not alone! And on the subject of the Mac mini here are some pretty creative things that you can do with it.

GIMP is getting some really good press these days which I am pleased to see. is it as good as Photoshop, probably not but this article gives a really good case for it, as does this one.

OK, I give in – got to include one article on the iPhone. A “backlash” may be extreme but as the article shows not everyone is jumping on the “must have” iPhone bandwagon. In fact I think you will enjoy what Matthew had to say about it here.

I am always amazed and in awe of what people can do with Photoshop – both in terms of their ability to use it and their creativity, so these pictures brought a smile to my face.

To close. I love Apple for their creativity, design and quality. For those very same reasons I am big B&O fan, and users. My days of buying B&O are over, or at least on hold, as I other things I want to buy, but I love these speakers.

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3 thoughts on “What Caught My Eye Last Week – 22/01

  1. Wayne LeFevre

    The Photoshop pictures are great. Wish I could do that with the GIMP, but still learning. Only thing that really bugs me about GIMP is that I have to click on the tools a couple of times before it selects it.

  2. Wayne LeFevre

    GIMP 2.2. What happens is that you have your picture up. You have it selected and doing stuff, then you want to say, select the brush tool. You move your mouse over to the brush tool and select it. But it doesn’t select the brush, it selects the tool window. You have to press the mouse button a second time to actually select the brush. It’s just a little thing, no big deal.

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