What Caught My Eye Last Week – 26/02

Leopard Set For March is a pretty obvious headline, and would be great news. Predictions also include iWorks 07 (which I don’t use) and iLife 07 which I use all the time. I would buy iLife 07 straight away, but wait 3 months or so on Leopard.

Mac or PC? isn’t exactly a new debate, but this article looks at it from a business perspective, and stays away from the ‘iconic worship’ that many similar articles adopt.

MarsEdit Finds A New Home was of interest as I a big user of MarsEdit. It is excellent, although it could do with freshening up so hopefully we will see some ‘improvements’ in 3 to 6 months.

Apple prepping updates for all Mac lines by June fits with what I have been saying for a while now – concentrate on solidifying the current before taking the new quantum leap. The iMac in black looks like it would be really cool!

Apple 8th Strongest Brand in the UK is all down to the iPod.

Apple report looks at Snow Patrol, Logic and live relates to an in-depth report by Apple on the use of Logic Pro and Macs by the band in their live shows.

Apple iPhone Too Expensive – yes, as far as I am concerned!

And finally – an interesting Top 10 Essential Travel Gadgets that would leave you stranded at the airport if you carried one of them which you certainly wouldn’t want at Dallas-Fort Worth as they are charging people to use their power!

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