What Caught My Eye Last Week – 29/01

5 Reasons Mac Will Overtake Windows in the Home by 2012 is a well constructed article which shows the different ways in which we now use our computers in the home, and consequently why the Mac is now positioned better.

These Free Online Photography Courses are interesting and informative, and a really good idea.

How the Internet has lengthened our attention span made me smile as it goes against the conventional view, and certainly my own experience. I find it harder to concentrate on one thing for any real length of time these days.

Mac Book Mini is just a rumour, but an interesting one.

These Futiro Skype Phones look incredible. I am a real sucker for design like this, and I haven’t been to Ireland for a while so maybe I should pop over soon.

My Life As A RSS Junkie has something I am sure many of you will relate to, I certainly did, and I have written about this myself before.

10 Free Mac Apps is yet another list, but I am always interested to see what people come up with. I have looked at most on his list, but only use 3.

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