Why The New iPod Shuffle Isn’t For Me

The latest iPod Shuffle is the first iPod for a long time that I wont be buying!

Actually that isn’t strictly true as I didn’t buy an iPod Touch but with two iPhones in the family there really wasn’t an point at all.

I have the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPod Nano, a 3rd, and 5th generation iPod ‘classic’ and a 1st and 2nd generation iPod Shuffle, but I wont be buying this latest 3rd generation iPod Shuffle.

Obviously I don’t really need all the above iPod’s but I have generally got the latest one partly to add to the collection, but generally because there has always been something that ‘just appealed’ about the. With the 1st generation iPod Shuffle it the whole concept of randomness, neatness and size that attracted me, and with the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle it was the added convenience of the clip and the form factor.

The latest one looks nice for sure, but it adds nothing that I remotely need. First up, I have added the songs to the iPod so I know what thet are. I am old yes, but not that old that I can’t remember them so why do I need some voice reminding me of something that I don’t need. After all the ‘beauty’ of the Shuffle has always been the element of surprise, so having a voice removes that for me. Second, controls on a cord!!! What is all that about? I use the Shuffle purely when running or on the bike. I set it going when I start and I stop it when I stop. The cord is more often that not tucked away inside my top to stp it getting in the way so having the controls on the cord helps not one bit. Third, 4GB …. you think I am going to start running back to back marathons?

OK so the price is readsonable at $79 BUT by the time you factor in the additional chargers, the od dcase or accessory and the fact that all your old stuff is redundant overnight it just doesn’t seem attractive at all.

I will get one one day no doubt off eBay, but for now it isn’t revolutionary, does’t add any functionality that I need so it wont be joining my collection anyday soon!

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