WWDC07 Initial Thoughts

No real surprises – discounting Safari on Windows which seems kind of lame to me. iTunes on Windows was a great move at the time as it brought Apple to the forefront of a lot of Windows users, but ‘another browser’? Am not sure – and with the vulnerability of IE7 doesn’t this just mean more people are going to work on hacking into Safari? Anyway from a selfish perspective I use Firefox and Camino virtually all the time so not bothered!

iPhone – really doesn’t do it for me anyway, and I am no developer but the development solutions seems sort of lame to me? Please correct me if I am wrong!!!

Leopard – continues to be amazing and $129 is a good price. Of course everyone that hasn’t got one will need to head out and buy an external drive as well. Not sure that I can see the ‘secret features’ unless iChat was the main thing? BUT I repeat, it looks awesome and I know one developer that I will be badgering for their views pretty soon!!!

Conclusion – am really pleased that no Mac hardware announced. WWDC is and should remain for the developers!!!

As for Twitter – it struggled with the volumes I think, especially Twitteriffic, but I held out during the keynote, got a reasonably good feel for the keynote, and a quick look at engadget at the end gave me some good visuals.

7 thoughts on “WWDC07 Initial Thoughts

  1. Steffan Williams

    I’m slightly disappointed, to be honest, just because I’ve gotten used to new product announcements. While you’re right that this is about the developers, I can’t help but feel that I wanted something released so I could buy it… anything.. hardware or software. Anyway, I pretty much feel the same as you about all of this.

    Also, Twitter *really* seemed to taking a beating. Twitterrific updates were incredibly random from people. Now I’m going to head back and gawk at the gorgeous Apple.com makeover.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    🙂 It was the same last year – everyone hoped for and speculated on hardware and there wasn’t any. Even MacWorld this year was pretty lame.

    At the end of the year the ‘speed bumps’ across the whole range, iPhone and Leopard will amount to a good year BUT notice how no one is talking iLife or iWorks anymore?

    I can see the logic in Safari on Windows, with it being on the iPhone and therefore makes sense to carry that association over onto the Windows PC’s for those users, but there is just something ‘wrong’ about a Mac user getting excited about it 🙂

    I like the way they have laid out the computers on the new store – gives a good ‘picture’ of the product range, and still makes the iMac seem out of place between the two ‘towers’ so I remain convinced a mid range tower Mac will arrive one day 🙂

  3. Wayne LeFevre

    I thought the demos of Leopard where amazing. Some of the new features where a “slap the forehead” and say “of course!” The new Finder is really cool. Chris, I think your going to be glad you have that gigabit network set up. I do so hope they finally make home networking intuitive and easy, like having another drive, which is almost how it looks.

    So Leopard is $129. Being as this is the first new op I’ve had to buy, do you need to pay $129 for a license for every computer? I have 3 Macs now, so that would be a chunk of change!

    I don’t think the developers of Overflow where very happy last night. Stacks and grids where kind of nice, but seemed to take the place Overflow. I think a lot of the stuff we all saw last year, but that’s OK. Looks like nows the time to have that Drobo that we were discussing awhile back. I’ll be getting a review Drobo here pretty quick, so we’ll see what it does with Tiger. Chris?

    Andie: Agreed. Oct far too long to wait. Unfortunately, it will be here before you know it, for summer will go by much too quickly.

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    Everyone tells me that one version can be used on all your Macs – put it this wayI hope so with 4 in my apartment plus my fathers!!!!

    So how you get the Drobo? In fact don’t tell me!!! JUST do me a kick ass review please 🙂

  5. Mac Sokulski

    Disappointing? Not really. It’s for developers. So one cannot expect a whole slew of new product announcements. At least that’s what I think. Leopard looks very promising, but for now there is really nothing wrong with Tiger. What’s really refreshing to watch is that Apple guys are just big kids, that love what they do. They seem like one of us. So now all we have to do is wait for new iLife and iWork, and somebody please update .Mac…. please? pretty please?

  6. Chris Marshall Post author

    I reckon .Mac will get better – I have always said I thought it was a ‘strategic’ play by Apple.

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