WWDC07 on Twitter

Glenn has posted a great list of all the sites that will be covering WWDC07 tonight (for me here in Spain), but he left one off the list – Twitter!!

I am going to follow WWDC07 on Twitter tonight, and nothing else – no IM, no sites, no blogs nada – solo Twitter.

I am interested to see how quickly and accurately the information comes through, and I reckon it will feel more like sharing the news with my mates. So, if you want to add me to your twitter friends I will add you back (details in the Welcome sidebar)

As for expectations and rumours I REALLY hope they announce nothing that isn’t aimed at the developers. This is their event, no need for the rest of us to muscle in – we get more than our fair share of product throughout the year. Without the great applications that these guys throw out on a regular basis owning a Mac, participating in blogs and forums etc. just wouldn’t be as much fun at all.

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