Yeah baby, shaggymac-tastic!

Yeah baby, shaggymac-tastic!

You could hardly class this as a review, as it’s going to be very short.

But, I just wanted to share with you all a product I have been using and found to be really useful.

What is it about Mac fans? We are obsessed with keeping every single piece of packaging that comes with a new mac. Well I do, and I’m sure some of you are the same? Be honest!

Well when you get a new Mac laptop you get a small piece of plastic film/sheeting that sits on your keyboard. Kind of a cushion between your keyboard and screen when the laptop is shut. Well I don’t know about you but I was paranoid to obsessive levels about losing this piece of plastic and the ensuing catastrophe that would be caused.

With everyday use it transpires that this isn’t designed as a long term solution.

Finally, my sheet of plastic has disintegrated. I quickly decided to research an alternative replacement.

Introducing Shaggymac. They produce a really cool replacement.

ShaggyMac Laptop Screen Protector / Keyboard Covers are engineered to lay on the keyboard and cushion the entire LCD screen when the laptop is closed. This prevents permanent damage, screen marks, scuffs created from keyboard, trackpad, & trackpoint contact.

Dual Powered: Each ShaggyMac also doubles as a Professional Grade Optical Polishing Cloth. Yes, in addition to protecting the screen, the ShaggyMac will safely clean, restore and remove marks & scuffs. This is made possible by utilizing their advanced T-Micro fabric, which boasts Millions of complex fibers in each and every ShaggyMac Screen Protector.

And they only cost $12.95 for a 13 inch MacBook model. You have a choice of 3 colours, olive green, bottom blue (?) and stealth gray. Each shaggymac is embossed with the Shaggymac logo in the bottom right hand corner.

I know it’s hard to get animated about what is essentially a piece of cloth. But the whole experience was a joy. It wasn’t very expensive, it’s very good quality, they delivered to the UK and it arrived very quickly even across the pond!!

So why not treat your mac to a ShaggyMac Laptop Screen Protector?

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