Yummy FTP Review

Yummy FTP at $25 does a great job of taking the pain and mystique out of FTP.ftpcurrentversion.jpg

For me File Transfer Protocol has always been one of those things best left to the serious computer users, and until recently I was really happy to leave it that way! Nowadays the size and frequency with which files need to be transferred, think all those video clips that are whizzing around the internet, means that any semi-serious computer uses needs to use FTP.

I would like to thank Yummy FTP for taking the pain out of using (and understanding) FTP with an incredibly feature rich application:

* Connectivity

* Accelerated Transfers
Highly tuned, muli-connection FTP engine for super fast transfers

* Automatic Failure Recovery
Flaky connection? Unreliable server? Yummy FTP will always finish the job

* FTP Aliases
Upload to servers using drag and drop to an alias icon in the Finder™

* FTP Watchers
Define watched local folders to automatically upload to specified servers

* Synchronization
Comprehensive bi-directional file/folder mirroring, including previews

* Scheduling
Automate repeating backup or web site updates, or delay a transfer until later

* Extensive Remote Editing Support
Edit with any app and as many apps as you define, even per file type. Built-in text editor included

* DualBrowse
Browse your local and remote directories in sync, with this advanced folder-linked navigation tool

* AutoRoute
Drag local copies of your files/folders to the dock icon and AutoRoute will upload them to the correct servers and destination directories

* File / Folder Filtering
Easily include/exclude specific items from transfers and/or synchronizations

* Preview
Advanced built-in viewers for text, graphics, video, audio. Zoom graphics to full size for inspection. Even remotely edit text directly from within in the preview

* Full Bookmark & Favorites System
Access your servers and common folders with ease. Configure advanced site specific settings. Import from Transmit, Interarchy, Captain FTP, Fetch, FTPeel, Vicomsoft FTP, Cyberduck

* AppleScriptable & Recordable
Automation with ease – no need to write scripts, just record your actions!

* Growl Support
Full support for the excellent notification system that can provide gorgeous visual, emailed or spoken event notifications

* Queue-based Transfers
Form a line of transfers in order of priority, start, pause, stop or schedule them at will

* Server To Server
Copy files & folders from one server to another with a simple drag and drop interface

* Complete File Management Tools
Rename, move, duplicate, create, delete, set permissions, owner & group

* Suffix Mapping
Built-in suffix mapping table allows total control over how files are transferred and which editors should open them

* Proxy Support
Twelve proxy server types supported, including SOCKS4 and SOCKS5

* Broad Server Compatibility
Full support for Mac, Unix, Windows and VMS FTP and SFTP servers

* 100% Customizable
Metal or Aqua appearance, per-server Toolbar configuration, dual or single pane, listing font size, hide/show columns, and much more…

* Fully Interactive Transcript
Directly access command line FTP to your server for specialist functionality

* Universal Binary
Runs fast on Intel Macs & PowerMacs

* List & Column View
Finder™-like hierarchal & column view file browsers

* Rendez-vous/Bonjour Enabled
Easily find servers on your LAN

* Directory Listing Cache
Fast browsing with a cache that intelligently updates

* Keychain Support
Store your passwords securely

* Fully Mac OS X
Drawers, sheets, toolbars, effects. It’s gorgeous!

* Localized
Available in English, with complete translations in French and German, plus many more to follow

From the simple interface when you first open the application where you get asked for the Server, User name and Password,


right the way through to the more advanced plugins: Multi-Site Upload, Save & Upload Via Yummy, Update Mac On DEmand, Update Server on Demand and Mirror On Demand, the interface, usability and design is excellent. There is more than enough for the advanced FTP “junkie” without scaring off us FTP “virgins”.

It is incredibly easy to upload and download, and I love the directional arrow on the dock icon to let you know what is going on.

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