Happy Anniversary Kasper

2015-02-02 09.22.12

Three (3) years ago today life turned around for this little fella and us, thanks in no small part to Kim Sheppard, who was in Murcia on holiday and was being visited by some friends from Almerimar, who knew Sandra and I. So when Kim found a three week old kitten tied up with string outside a market she took him home, and arranged for her friends to bring him down to us so we could care for him, and transport him to the UK to live with her when he was old enough.

As you can clearly see that didn’t quite work out …….. as Kasper got stronger he formed an amazing friendship with Dusky, and was so clearly loving his life here with the other cats that we agreed with Kim that we would keep him. At the same time Kim agreed to adopt Cheeky Boy, a three legged cat that we were fostering that Sands had rescued and had needed to have a leg amputated.

Worked out well for both cats, and both sets of Humans! Cheeky Boy is very much loved by Kim, but is the apple in the eye for her husband who Cheeky Boy curls up to in bed every night!

Kasper has continued to be best mates with Dusky, but gets on with all the cats, and is probably the most comfortable around the dogs (although we are fortunate that all the cats and dos co habit together with no issues at all).

The three years have sped by (do the years actually pass quicker these days), but not one day of them has passed without both Sands and I being so thankful that we have this little fella to kee us on our toes!

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