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HTC One Dual Sim

I have just replaced my Samsung S4 Dual SIM phone with the HTC One Dual SIM, which was the phone I had on pre release order before I found out that I could get the Samsung S4 Dual SIM from Asia.

The only reason I cancelled the HTC and went with the Samsung was so that Sands and I would both have an S4 so could share spare batteries, cases, desktop chargers etc. I was also very keen to stick with a phone which allowed you to swap batteries.

I was very happy with the S4 but the fact it was only released in the Asian market meant that the software had been modified so wasn’t upgradeable, and the phone had a tendency towards instability. This wasn’t an issue on a day to day basis but on a ALStrays Transport it could become an issue, especially when used heavily which it tended to be.

My only ongoing gripe was that it felt a little fragile: partly a matter of preference for chunkier stuff and partly the nature of a transport.

I have only had the HTC a couple of days but I am impressed.

Being made for the European market it has not needed to be modified (apparently they have sold well across Europe but not UK)

The metal casing gives a weight and substance to the phone which I like.

The screen is significantly better than the Samsung.

Input feels more accurate.

Not all better though!

I miss the multi screen.

I miss the Blocking function.

I miss the ability to replace the battery.

Switching was seemless thanks to all the various Google Accounts and backups I had, and as it is the same OS no issues.

Is taking some time to get used to power button been top left as that just feels counter intuitive, and not having a home button a la Samsung, iPhone etc is weird.

All in all though very happy. Still waiting on the desktop chargers and cases and a media thingy, and it still has to go through a transport to see how it holds up.

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