Back in Training – Stage 2

I am knackered! Well my legs are anyway, and I am so happy about it – honest!!!

Yesterday morning I played my first game of football in about 15 years (discounting one 5 a side game about 8 years ago). It is 7 years to the month that I had my cruciate ligament replaced, so all in all I was somewhat dubious as to how I would play and how I would feel afterwards.

As far as the playing went I was OK. My brain was way faster than my body (probably always was) but I held my own and really enjoyed it. Why was I playing? I got asked to put a ‘England’ team together for a 7 a side football tournament here in Almerimar at the end of the month, so we thought that we should get together and see what we were capable of. It was great, and we will be playing a couple of times a week before the tournament!

I have also found a tennis partner and got a key ‘donated’ for a private tennis court so have been out a couple of times and have scheduled to play twice a week – so 2 tennis and 2 football would be great!!! If we survive the tournament I think we are going to start playing 5 a side weekly which would be perfect.

Add to that the fact that I am still running 3 or 4 times a week, and have used the bike or walked more often than in recent months when down in the marina and I am feeling pretty good – knackered, stiff and a little sore but good all the same. I am eating less, hardly drinking any alcohol so I must be losing some weight. I certainly look and feel fitter. I am going to weigh myself after the tournament though and take it from there as far as future weight loss target goes, as for now I have more than enough to be concentrating on!

7 thoughts on “Back in Training – Stage 2

  1. jeremy

    Well done Chris. I wish I was there to be in your 7 a side. I’ve played three times in a week now after a 5 month lay off due to my ankle problem. I’m way off the match sharpness I had before. I know how you feel. Still it’s great that you’re getting back into it.

    On the subject of footy, well done to United. I look forward to giving Chelsea another lesson next week

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Have to admit am enjoying the tennis and the football (in particular). Went out and spent some money yesterday on some equipment which brought back childhood memories!!!

    Am a Man Utd fan so am very pleased, but I was a Hull City season ticket holder until the age of 13 so I am really pleased for them!!! To add to my ‘joy’ my parents home in the UK is close to Stoke ……

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    Two training sessions in and we already have three players on the treatment table – one, rather embarrassingly, me!!

    John Flyn felt his hamstring go 10 mins into the first practice game when he attempted his first shot on goal (he missed). Apparently he suffered with tight hamstrings in his playing days, but has reported that it doesn’t feel so bad as they used to so he is optimistic of being fit.

    Lee Riley didn’t train as he said he hamstrings had tightened up after playing tennis with me in the morning. This seems to be a sensible precaution rather than a problem so we aren’t worried about him at this stage.

    Mine is a bit weird to be honest. Right at the beginning of the first session I kicked a ball with my right foot and felt want is best described as a knot in my right thigh. I stretched it out and all was fine, both during and after the game. I played tennis yesterday morning and did a fair amount of running, sprinting, stopping, changing direction etc and it felt fine.

    However as soon as I got on the pitch I kicked the ball with my right foot and felt like I had been shot in the right thigh, exactly where the knot had been the week before. I stretched and tried to play but although I could jog I couldn’t jump, sprint, or kick the ball – and then my left thigh started feeling the same.

    I stopped and did a lot of stretching and this morning they both feel better, but the right one is still hurting. I have just had a very long hot bath and really stretched it out. It still feels like there is a knot in the muscle, so hopefully it will clear up relatively quickly. Will be doing all the right things – lots of rest, lots of stretching, only good healthy food and lots of water. Not only do I want to be fit for the tournament, but I want to be able to play in the subsequent 5 a side and get a good summer of tennis played (especially as John and Richard had said they will play as well).

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    Left thigh feeling pretty good. A bit of stiffness and tender when stretch, but feels well on the way to recovery.

    Right thigh now reduced to a dull ache, and no problems stretching it out, so hopefully it will recover pretty quickly.

    Left knee (the one that has had 3 Ops, the last a replacement cruciate ligament) is probably a little swollen and feels a bit tight. It felt like this when I was rehabbing it after surgery so I am not too worried. I think this is just the knee responding to this type of exercise for the first time since the op (i.e. tennis and football). It doesn’t hurt and I can stretch, walk etc without pain.

  5. jeremy

    well done Harry Rednapp for winning the FA cup with Portsmouth

  6. Chris Marshall Post author

    [quote comment=””]well done Harry Rednapp for winning the FA cup with Portsmouth[/quote]

    Yep, not the most exciting game but am Happy For Harry 🙂

    Now come on Man Utd and Hull City!!!!!

  7. Chris Marshall Post author

    Things back to about 80% and am confident they will be OK. Left knee is now really swollen and pretty painful, but in a strange way not that restricting. At the moment though I am not doing any exercise or sport, and keep putting a cold press on it and trying to keep it elevated.

    I will play this bloody game whatever state I am in!!!!

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