Dry January #36

Here we go again, another Dry January, my 36th in a row. Over the years it has become a lot easier, and now that we are back in the UK it really is not that different from normal.

I don’t go to pubs, at best have a glass of wine or a pint when we go out with my parents, share a bottle of wine at home with Sands maybe three times a month, have a glass of whisky in the evening from time to time and that is about it.

I do drink (too much) when I go to International Cricket Matches or T20 Finals Day, and during the cricket season I consume more than usual but rarely more than one pint after a game.

Age, the fact I drive everywhere, cost (in pubs and restaurants) and just the fact I am not that fussed anymore means my drinking habits have changed significantly, although I am aware that the old demon lurks!

This year the non drinking will be the catalyst for losing weight. This is pretty much how it all started 36 years ago, the need to lose some weight post first Christmas at work, but back then just not drinking would lose over a stone.

That most certainly not the case this year (or for many a year) so I will probably extend the non drinking for three months as I need to lose a minimum of 10 KG (1.6 Stone/22 LBS) as part of my off season rehab, fitness and training program, ideally 15 KG (2.4 Stone/34 LBS). 15 KG would require an average of 0.16 KG per DAY (0.025 Stone/0.35 LBS) i.e. 1.12 KG per week (0.175 Stone/2.45 LBS) which is a pretty tough ask as between 1 LB and 2 LB is what most recommend. Plus I do need to add some muscle.

I am fed up to be honest of every year ending with me wanting/needing to lose some weight and improve my fitness and general health. Cricket has given me a much needed boost in the right direction and I am going to use it as a catalyst to really focus on making the necessary changes.

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