Off Season Plans: Fitness, Rehab & Training

Here we go again another off season that starts with the need to rehab an injury I have been carrying since the second game of the season and which I am due to have looked at in Hospital over the winter.

Despite the injury (ligaments in left knee) it has been a good season, better by far than season one, and ticked most of the boxes in my two year plan before being eligible (hopefully) for Staffs Senior cricket next year.

I remain cautiously optimistic that the injury is not as bad as the left knee when I had by ACL replaced as it has improved over the season despite still playing and was actually pretty good until the last week of the season when I fielded well for two games in two days and then batted 34 overs!

I am currently half through a two week ‘holiday’ where I am doing nothing other than walk the dogs, stretching my knees (the left one is so much better than it has been for years and the stretching is making it hurt/ache in the same place as my right knee which I see as a good sign – my body is basically still adapting to be used after a 20 year ‘rest’) and hit a few golf balls and the improvement in one week has been significant.

Another positive I take into the off season is that the issues I had with abs, groin and arm have all been fixed. My left hamstring held up well and seems to be responding to the exercises I am doing to rehab my knee(s) as is my right hip. All in all I remain positive that a good off season will see me start next season in good shape.

But what is a good off season?

As before a main focus and one I have really got to get to grips with is weight loss! I have set myself a target of losing 10KG in 100 days!

Rehab is the other initial priority: knee(s), left hamstring and right hip, all of which will benefit from alignment exercises, so this and core strength are the priority pre Christmas.

All being well I will start running in 2023, initially to simulate cricket related activities and then coupled with more bike work I will build up stamina and cardio (neither of which were a big issue this season).

A huge difference from last year is that I will be fit enough to start the Edgbaston Indoor Nets on October 5th as my knee is ok for batting and bowling and I am looking forward to these as they are a great opportunity to work on specifics and I have a much better idea of what I want (and need) to work on. I will also be starting weekly training and practice sessions with some Over 60s teammates in October, initially some throw downs and catching but as knee allows the plan is to just keep the body doing cricket related stuff: catching, throwing, bowling, batting, short runs etc.

I have a six (6) months to really make a difference to my health and fitness and I am really excited and looking forward to it. I have a game of gold arranged (first in 15 years) and would like to play a couple of times a month (time on feet they call it), will walk the dogs as usual, and plan on getting in the pool at the gym most weeks.

As before I will update via the comments below how I am doing (or not).

2 thoughts on “Off Season Plans: Fitness, Rehab & Training

  1. Chris Marshall Post author

    Focus very much on rest and rehab so walked dogs, stretched a lot and played first game of golf for 15 years!

    WEEK 1
    19/09 – Abs (430), Walk (2.2m), Stretch
    20/09 – Walk (2.2m), Stretch, Golf Swing
    21/09 – Walk (2.2m), Golf Range, Abs (430), Stretch
    22/09 – Golf Range, Stretch
    23/09 – Golf Playing, Stretch, Abs (430)
    24/09 – Walk (2.2m), Stretch
    25/09 – Walk (2.2m)

    Weight Loss – 1KG (133% of target)
    % of schedule – 100%

    Abs (1290)
    Walk (10m)
    Stretch (6)
    Golf Swing (1)
    Golf Range (2)
    Golf 18 Holes (1)
    % of Schedule 100%
    Weight Loss 1KG (133% of target)

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    WEEK 2
    26/09 – Bike (14.3km), Stretch, Abs (430)
    27/09 – Walk (2.2m), Stretch
    28/09 – Golf Range, Walk (2.2m), Stretch, Abs (430)
    29/09 – Rest
    30/09 – Golf (18), Stretch
    01/10 – Walk (4.4m), Stretch, Abs (430)
    02/10 – Run (1.2m), Cricket Outdoor, Stretch

    Weight Loss – + 0.3kg
    % of schedule – 100%

    Two point about this week:

    1. Holiday: whilst we haven’t been away we have had a two week break from most things. So apart from walking dogs and stretching I have eaten more than usual, drank a little more than usual and spent a lot more time than usual on the sofa unfortunately watching some very mediocre TV. Ideally I would have had a month to rest the legs in particular but I have so much work to do I need to start, but at the same time I need to monitor if the increased level of pain is a result of the rehab (see below) or damaging the injury.

    2. Hard to explain just how much I am trying to change: stride length, alignment when walking, how put socks on! You may laugh but both dressing and driving I have for years bent my legs sideways rather than at 90° and this has put a lot of pressure on my knees and associated tendons and ligaments and I am now trying to align them better which means focusing and re educating my whole body pretty much. Hence, I have a lot of pain and aches in various parts of my body which I need to monitor.

    Abs (2580)
    Walk (18.8m)
    Stretch (12)
    Bike (14.3km)
    Running Cricket
    Running Cardio (1.2m)
    Cricket Outdoor (1)
    Golf Swing (1)
    Golf Range (3)
    Golf 18 Holes (2)
    % of Schedule 100%
    Weight Loss 46.6% of schedule

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