Happy Birthday Tigra

Tigra (Tiggy) is Ten (10) years old today, and although she is certainly older she is not much wiser than when we first adopted her!

She is still a little nervous by nature but since we have been in the UK she has got much more confident, largely because she sees more people and dogs these days when we are out walking and she loves a snuggle on the sfa with my parents. She has been very lucky with the two men in her life: Teo who showed her the ropes and Tito who keeps her young.

She loves her walks although runs a lot less these days and her back gets a little stiff these days, but she still plays with Tito and Hollie, loves her food and really really enjoys the sofa and her cozy beds.

Happy Birthday sweetheart xx

An early photo as she made herself very much at home
A favourite photo with Teo who was truly amazing with her and made her into the lovely lady that she is today.
Loves her sofa and is often to be found asleep with her mouth open!
In Spain enjoying the nature reserve
Old friends! Enjoy life with Moreno (16) and Fleur (12)

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