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Last night my wife asked me that question that we all dread. It went something like this “So, you have bought an iMac and Mac mini this year, 2 2G iPod Shuffles, a 1G iPod Nano with Nike + sports kit, a 23″ Cinema HD Screen, 2 Wireless Keyboards, 2 Wireless Mighty Mouse (or Mice), and an AirPort Extreme. You wont be buying anything next year will you?”

My response, “But darling don’t forget that the iMac, iPod Nano with Nike + sports kit, one of the 2G iPod Shuffles, a keyboard and mouse were for you”. At that point I looked at her face and realized yet again that I had mistaken a question for a statement!

Married for 14 years and I still can’t work out when a question is a question or a question is a statement.

This is a bit of a problem as I was already working on my wish list for 2007. With the above purchases even I know that Santa wont be popping any Apple stuff into my stocking this Christmas, but to go cold turkey for the whole of 2007!

To be honest I don’t have that much on my 2007 wish list:

– I would like to pick up an iPod Nano with Nike + sports kit as my wife loves hers and as she has just started a blog to support her personal training business I have a feeling I will be getting fitter next year. I will look for a 1G model on eBay as this really will only be used for running, but I will probably take a look at the new wrist band that has just been announced.

– an iPhone is certainly on the list (potentially). I have no need for another phone or iPod (with the exception of above) so this will be purely driven by form factor, and to some extent price. So if I like the look of it, it works on any network, and comes in around the current rumored prices I will probably get one.

I should probably get excited about the iTV (code name) but I am not. My current set up is fine, or at least should be by the end of the year when the final parts arrive, and I can actually stream recorded movies across my existing network. Although slow it works – hmm, maybe a new AirPort Extreme with “n” technology may slip onto the radar at some stage. My biggest concern with the proposed iTV though is the fact that it only seems to work with iTunes content, and I have no interest in downloading movies from iTunes.

Not a very exciting Apple wish list, but that is probably a good job because I have my eye on a Nikon DSLR , but please don’t tell my wife – I want to enjoy Christmas and then break it to her at the right time.

So what is on your Apple 2007 Wish List?

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  1. matt

    I just bought a Nikon D50 and absolutely love it. It’s my first DSLR and it’s fantastic. I looked at the D80 as well but couldn’t afford it right now.

    My 2007 wish list includes a MacBook Pro – I am using a MacBook now and would like the additional graphics power – plus some software: Aperture and Photoshop CS3.

  2. MyAppleStuff Post author

    I think I may go the D50 route, although I am sort of hoping they bring something else out so the price drops a bit.

    Am thinking of buyng the body only and then seeing what lenses I can pick up. What lenses you got?

    Sweet s/w – you do a lot of photography?

  3. matt

    My used D50 came with the kit Nikon (Nikkor) 18-55 ED lens, but it’s a very decent lens, unlike some of the kit lenses on the lower end Canons. I would like to pick up the Nikon 70-300 ED lens as well so I can zoom a bit more – it’s also a very decent lens at a great price – about $150. Of course one day I’d like the bigger stuff (D200, 18-200 VR lens for starters) but the budget hasn’t caught up to my desires quite yet 🙂

    I am a very amateur but very passionate photographer, and am just starting to really work at it. I am currently working with the public beta of Adobe Lightroom – their answer to Aperture – and actually like it quite a bit. Over the next few weeks I’m going to get the 30 day trial of Aperture and compare them.

    I just found your blog (from the MacAppADay site) and haven’t looked through it much – do you take a lot of pictures?

  4. MyAppleStuff Post author

    I take a lot of pictures, but am not what you would call a photographer, if that make sense ?

    I have a number of Flickr accounts as I have a tendancy to create a new free one for specific subjects so take a look at:


    I also have a number of albums set up tp Photocast in iLife 06 if you want to “swap”.

    Have you tried any existing SLR lenses with the Nikon. I know that “officially” they say just use the DSLR lenses, but I have also heard of people using standrad SLR lenses.

    Finally, I am currently reviewing Digital Photography Expert Techniqus from O’Reilly ( whcih I think you would really like)

  5. matt

    I’ll definitely check out the O’Reilly book soon and look for your review.

    Regarding the SLR / film lenses with DSLR’s, I haven’t tried it but you can use them. The only concern is that you’ll lose part of the view area with a SLR lens because of the physical size of the sensor on the DSLR’s – unless of course you have a full frame sensor like the Canon EOS 5D. The Nikons have a 1.5x focal length multiplier so a 75mm focal length on a lens from a film camera would produce an image equivalent to a 50mm focal length on the DSLR. There are some nice film lenses that you could use on a DSLR if you have them.

    Thanks for the Flickr links. I’m on Flickr as mrjkbh and on Zooomr as nontrivialmatt.

  6. MyAppleStuff Post author

    Thanks. It isn’t that I have great SLR lenses, just that I have a number (4) that I would want to try out first before busying new ones 🙂

    Question is – which camera body, basically Canon or Nikon, and which model?!

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  8. MyAppleStuff Post author

    Am jealous!!! I haven’t got round to getting a DSLR yet, but I am aiming for the Nikon D80 if at all possible.

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