Christmas Plans

It is just about that time of year again, one of my least favourite it has to be said, although Sands is a pretty big fan! I think I am just permanently scarred from the over the top commercialism that Christmas has become in the UK.

I have become more accepting of Christmas since we lived in Spain as they have a much more down to earth approach to it. No over the top advertising from November onwards, no last minute shopping; they work up until lunch time on Christmas Eve, then have their main celebration at home in the evening with their family. Christmas Day is a relaxing day with no big fuss, and then back to work on the 26th. The main present day is the 6th january, know as Three Kings Day.

So we have none of the commercial falseness that I think Christmas has become, no huge round of parties and lunches ‘just because’ it is Christmas, and over the years we have really cut back on giving gifts and tend to support charities and good causes more.

Left to my own choice I wouldn’t bother with any Christmas decorations either as I have this huge problem with ‘ruining’ the way I like the apartment to look, but Sands wins out on that one every year, and I must admit that although she doesn’t go overboard at all she has picked up some nice enough bits and pieces. Moreno certainly likes them, and I am enjoying the ongoing battle between Moreno and Sands over the Christmas Tree.

This year Sands mother will be with us for a week, so it will be just the three of us on Christmas Day. I think Sands and her mother have a few ‘girlie’ coffees and drinks sorted out but I have absolutely no plans at all, or intentions of making any. Actually that is a lie – there is a high probability that I will be going down to Mac Gowens Christmas morning to drink a few pints of Guinness.




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  1. Dunks

    Family orientated this year – spending with in-laws (about 12 of us with 3 kiddies). Will be a bit manic but as parents-in-law live 5 mins up road we can escape to the calm of our bungalow. Day will kick of with daughter looking to see if father Christmas has come down the ‘Chimberly’ with presents, then family & friends walk in the New Forest before Mulled Wine and lunch time nibbles. Couple of hours on the sofa will daughter has afternoon sleep then big meal in the evening.

    Having our little one has enhanced christmas but we’ve been careful to keep it low key until this week. Shops all had the decorations up 1st Nov, xmas music on a loop and staff in silly outfits. Too early and a pain when stock you want has been shifted for decorations and gift ideas 2 months before time!

  2. Mac Sokulski

    This has been a normal thing in north america. Each year me and my wife have a contest running, who sees christmas decorations in the store the earliest. I think she won this year…. and in was in september. Yes it’s crazy, but we can overlook all that. Christmas is the only time of the year that the world populace becomes friendlier, more human…. or is it just my false observation?

  3. Danny

    Interesting, I have just accepted christmas as it is now and ignore the christian side, which has now all but disappeared.

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    [quote comment=”24123″]Christmas is the only time of the year that the world populace becomes friendlier, more human…. or is it just my false observation?[/quote]

    Ah yes, the increased number of drunk drivers killing people, the fights in the over crowded pubs and clubs, the family arguements over the Turkey, the woman at the sales pushing, shoving and beating up on each other 🙂

  5. Thom

    Maybe to enjoy christmas we need to stay in our homes from september, do our normal shopping/christmas shopping online, don’t look at any type of media and just after you lose all your sanity invite family and friends round to celebrate.

    job done.

  6. Wayne LeFevre

    The thing that makes me more upset than everything else? Black Friday. It’s just so wrong in so many ways. Christmas is my personal favorite “time of year,” especially if one tries to avoid the shops.

    Right now we have 2+ feet of new snow on the ground and the house decorated nicely. Add to that a pellet stove and plenty of ambience, (and booze,) and it’s actually pretty nice. I’ve even been thinking about skipping Mass this year because it’s getting almost as bad.

    Thom might just have something there. In fact, I’ve gotten 100% of my gifts online this year. What I really can’t stand? The commercials on the television!!!

  7. Danny

    I have to say that I also bought all my presents online.
    What bugs me the most is the rediculously tacky Xmas lights around and how people feel they have to be firstto put them up. This year it was exactly December 1st. Which leads nicely into shops having Xmas items in stock from September!
    Sorry chris this is quickly turning into an Xmas gripes thread.

  8. Chris Marshall Post author

    Gripe away – it takes the flack away from the Al site 🙂

    I am the original scrooge!!!!! I could easily do away with Christmas all together.

    But ……. got to admit Moreno looks cute behind the tree in the picture.

  9. Mac Sokulski

    In that case Chris…. bah humbug 🙂
    Maybe it’s because we don’t watch normal TV. Everything is through tivo, and we skip the commercials. I don’t listen to radio much, and the station I listen to does not have commercials. Our christmas shopping is usually done by the middle of november, thanks to the organizational skills of my wife. We try to avoid the stores, malls and all the major shopping centers, and actually enjoy giving to our favorite charities, and just enjoying the family. So I guess one can say we live a sheltered life, but we like that, and christmas is not polluted by the commercialism. Not by much at least. So don’t care what you say….. Marry Christmas to all.

  10. Chris Marshall Post author

    Can’t argue with that – but ……….

    In the good old days TV at Christams was a magical time when you got to see great films for the first time on TV. Now it is just repeat, repeat, repeat.

    As for the way you approcah it (which makes sense) you sort of prove my point – your survive it by a series of avoidance and minimisation techniques 🙂

    But Merry Christmas as well 🙂

  11. Thom

    I don’t watch TV, I play with my new toys! 😀

    Try that! (merry christmas one and all)

  12. Mac Sokulski

    Personally I turn a blind eye to christmas decorations in the stores the commercialism and try to send the message to my kids that this is not what christmas is about….. I really enjoy looking at people’s decorated houses. Yes some start lighting up around November, but that’s ok. Who said Christmas is only for 1 day. I think I got the Christmas bug from my wife 🙂
    TV I never cared for, so that is not a big loss. It’s nice to sit down with a cup of hot tea, and watch the kids go nuts on the presents. Or dress up as santa and try to convince your kids that it is really santa and not you. It’s becoming tougher these days 🙂
    We never did parties, and never really went to other parties. For us it’s a quiet time of love and a little reminder that this world is not as bad as it seems.

  13. Chris Marshall Post author

    I love this!!!

    I see it so differently. I think Christmas shows us just how bad the world is – if it takes the promise of a present, a big meal and a hangover to be nice to someone just once a year. Stuff that – if you can’t be a nice all year round then why allow them ‘off the hook’ on one day?

    I accept totally that Christmas is for kids though. That said seems a bit of a shame. In ‘my day? we used to get presents on birthdays and Christmas and that was it. Looking back made it more special and you appreciated the presents more I reckon.

  14. jeremy

    We don’t do christmas, (or xmas as it is now tackily called). It is a complete fabrication. I like your summary of it Chris. As for our kids, we give them presents all the time. They don’t go without

  15. Danny

    For the record: I was only calling it xmas because I was typing on my iPhone and I couldnt be bothered to type out the name….. which I guess says a lot in itself.

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