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My Vegetarian Month: Review

So that is the end of my vegetarian month and to be honest not a lot changed from my earlier update.

Sticking to a vegetarian diet at home was easy: ate far more pasta than usual, a reasonable amount of rice, but very few potatoes. I lost a little weight, but not as much as I would have thought, and I certainly didn’t feel any better for not eating any chicken, fish or meat. Although I don’t each that much anyway so probably explains it.

Biggest ‘problem’ was with the tapas that we get with wine and beer here in Almerimar. Or should I say lack of tapas as the choices really were cheese, egg, or omlette.

I have eaten even more cheese than normal this week, and I usually eat far too much as it is.

I did two transports during the month: a drive back from the UK which was fine as I just bought a lot of vegetarian food from M&S, and a drive to the UK which was tougher but some hummus wraps, dried fruit, fruit, cold pasta salad, and a cheese sandwich saw me through OK.

Am I going to become a vegetarian? No!

I have a lot of sympathy with the way too much of the food chain is managed and produced, and I will continue to campaign for animals welfare.

I will eat more fish I guess, and some chicken, but living in Spain, with the BBQ, tapas and general diet some meat is unavoidable.

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