Product Review: Gray-Nicolls Hypernova 2000 Batting Gloves

I know, yet another pair of cricket batting gloves, the fifth pair of Gray-Nicolls gloves I have reviewed. If I use these at all it will be with my T20 Kit but they are competing with the Powerbow Inferno 2000 gloves and the Off Cut Pro gloves, which whilst technically the inferior glove of the three is the most colourful and my current favourite.

My Review

Price: £119.99

No way do I (or in all probability you) need a pair of Test level gloves and Gray-Nicolls do a decent range of Hypernova Gloves if you want to pay less BUT I have previously argued that I would prioritise gloves over other equipment if I was looking at how best to spend my money. It doesn’t need to be the fastest ball to do damage to a finger!

Style wise these gloves are lovely, although that will always be a matter of taste. For a T20 glove they have too much white for my liking, but they are a test glove and only so much colour is allowed.

As you will see from the photos, they are extremely well made, offer super protection, and comfortable and will fill you with confidence.

Personally I prefer the ‘sausage’ style of gloves, but these do look funky and the style allows the use of the yellow. The more solid ‘block’ where the logo is probably offers the pros good protection but I am not sure us club players will benefit from it.
No surprise that these Test Level gloves offer great protection. I found the thumb a little short/tight as a result of the internal padding but this will no doubt mould and adapt to my thumb over time.
Extremely comfortable if not a little snug but you can see why the pros change their gloves so regularly as they do scuff up and wear thin quite quickly on my experience.
They do look good and are very bright but I am not sure I will use them for pink/white ball as there is still too much white on them BUT they are Test Gloves.

Manufacturers Product Description

The new Hypernova 1.0 2000 batting gloves are ideal for batters at the top end of cricket. Complimenting the Hypernova 1.0 bat, these are top end batting gloves with supreme levels of protection.

The gloves feature a modern multi-section interlocking V design with a three section thumb – design to absorb and minimise impact of fast bowling. This is the technology favoured by many of our pro player.

We’ve used quad-layer fibre shield on every section of this glove, meaning wherever you get hit, you can have peace of mind. 

Ultra-light high density foam and diffuser foam means that while these gloves are supremely protective, they also remain as light as possible.

The side bar includes the Tri-Zone pro shield – ideal for balls that get big on you, while fingers and thumb are protected by a gel insert. 

Made with premium PU and a grade A leather palm, these gloves are high-end in every way and should be a must-have item for serious cricketers everywhere.


  • Playing Level: Test.
  • Features: Multi Section interlocking V design with three section thumb
  • Protection Materials: Quad-layer Fibre shield on every section, ultra light HDF, diffuser foam and layer of high impact PU & Vapour foam.
  • Side Bar Protection: Tri-Zone pro shield: EVA, fibre shield and gel on both hands and thumb.
  • Materials: Premium PU, premium grade A leather palm, double sided sweat band.
  • Protection: 5 Star

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