Happy Anniversary Tigra

We have had Tigra nine (9) years today. Skinny, nervous and recovering from an awful start to life, within an hour she had found a sofa, Teo and security and whilst she is still a little nervous she is no longer skinny, is full of confidence and handled the loss of Teo very well.

A total nutter she is great with the cats and the dogs, loves her walks, the garden, the Cottage and her mates.

Day One
Day One with Teo and a sofa. Teo was so good for her. Looked after her and taught her so much.
With Kasper
She adored Teo and we were worried that she wouldn’t cope on her own when we knew we were losing him so we adopted Tito
You could never replace Teo but Tito has picked up his role as her guardian protector perfectly
With Marti, who else? The thing with this photo is that Marti was on the bed first and Tigra settled down behind him. That is how comfortable they are.
They really do get on so well
Dreaming of Teo? He would be so proud of you, as we are.

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