iLike it a lot!

I was watching the French Maids earlier (lucky Alex!) and they were showing a great new site – so good that I had to watch the video about 4 times!!!

Anyway iLike is really cool, and after an hour or so I am really excited about what it does. As with anything this new and that is heavily reliant on social networking it is had to be objective about it until it has been around for a while, but if you like your music, use iTunes (Mac or PC), and have some friends that you know have similar (or even different) tastes I think this will be worth a look for you.

7 thoughts on “iLike it a lot!

  1. MyAppleStuff Post author

    A quick update. As a number of friends have now joined as well, it is interesting to see how many (or not as the case seems to be) artists we have in common. Of course this is based on recently played stuff so it should give a better indication over coming weeks.

    And, an issue I hadn’t thought of is that I often control the music that I am listening to from one of four networked machines, so the actual informaation shown on my iLike account will always be a little distorted.

  2. guy steele

    I have it on my blog already. Been using it for a while.

    Please go to the log and click on the iLife window and please invite me as a friend.

    It would be cool having friends across the pond sharing tunes and such.

    Does Vincent have this app?

  3. MyAppleStuff Post author

    🙂 I do, but not always accessing iTunes on the Mac that is linked to iLike, PLUS is Sunady Football (soccer) today, and I have about 15 podcasts to catch up on.

  4. Dazaroonie

    The problem with iLike is if, like me you listen to your music through Apple TV or an iPod the ‘recently played’ list will not show what you have been listening to. If they could solve this problem iLike would be much better.

  5. Chris Marshall Post author

    Or if you listen on several Macs at different times it doesn’t give a true reflection either.

    To be honest I have stopped using it – yet another flash in the pan!!!

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